Vintii Aggarwal



Master of Commerce (Marketing Analytics) at UNSW

Hey Viintii! First of all - how'd you get started as an artist/illustrator? What are 3 words that you'd use to describe your work?

I have been a doodler since childhood to the point that all my notebooks had doodles on them. The neat freak in me didn’t like it, but the artist in me wouldn’t stop. It was my challenge all through my formative years to keep my notebooks neat but somehow they never were. It was like an obsession I couldn’t understand until I grew up and finished my Bachelors in Business. After achieving this small milestone in my life I enrolled in an Art school for a three month basics course in sketching. Little did I know those three months would turn to 5 years. I have trained formally with a renowned artist of India, Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi for 5 years.

My Art is Bold, Vibrant and Modern.

Your work is incredibly abstract and vibrant - it's really unique. What drew you towards this kind of style, has it changed and how did you get into it?

I started off by learning to sketch and drawing perspectives, portraits and landscapes. This is how an artist is supposed to learn Art. After completing the rigorous academic modules, I was left to explore and discover myself. I was extremely uncomfortable and lost and didn’t know what I really wanted to do with this new skill set I had painstakingly acquired. That is when I embarked on this long journey of talking to myself and learning about myself. Slowly I started to create abstracts, with pencil on paper and found it a very de-stressing and calming exercise. I would switch off my mobile devices and lock myself in the studio for 5-6 hours at a stretch. That is when I knew I had found something worth hanging onto. This form of art liberated me and allowed me to express myself in my own unique way. It has no restrictions, boundaries and rules. This is what drew me to this style.

One of my proudest moments as an Artist was the sale of my series of Abstract artworks comprising of 4 pieces by a prominent art collector ( who would prefer to be kept anonymous ) of India.

Speaking of your style, what's your creative process like? Who/what inspires you?

I start out with a line sketch. I let myself loose and allow the lines to guide me. Since I have formally trained as a Fine Artist, the subtle balance between composition and harmony are always playing at the back of my mind while I am engaging with my sketch. My style of Art is extremely unique and original hence I cannot name anybody as a direct inspiration however I ensure I visit the Art Galleries whenever I am travelling as it broadens my perspectives and visual vocabulary.

Although his work is nothing like mine, I enjoy Anish Kapoor’s controversial works.

And what draws you to the colour palettes you use?

I am very liberal and dexterous with my colour palettes and can create artworks to suit a wide repertoire of aesthetic sensibilities. I have dabbled into a wide range of palettes ranging from subtle yet modern to bold, loud and kitsch colours. It all depends on the mood I am trying to create with my works. Colours have emotions and human beings respond differently around different colours. I draw on my rebellious streak when I am working with colours and enjoy breaking moulds and presenting colour themes that are uncommon or never seen before.

Have you always been into art since you were little? What's something you'd tell to an aspiring artist?

Yes, I was always good at Art and have been privileged to win several Art competitions held at School during my formative years.

My two cents to an aspiring artist would be to really enjoy the process and switch off the critical mental chatter. And most importantly share your Art with the world.

We always want to be kept in the loop - do you have any awesome projects coming up that we should know about? 

I moved to Sydney just 2 months ago, hence I have not been able to explore Art Galleries for potential projects/ exhibitions yet however I intend to do that post Term 1 exams. However until then you can follow me on Instagram and possibly DM me if you need to ask me anything or know more about my works etc. It would be great to connect, chat up or even meet up.

Blitz is all about dancing this week - what's your favourite song to get down to on repeat?

I love to groove and move to Pitbull’s songs and my favourite and absolutely on repeat mode is Fireball.

And last but not least - what's something you want to share with the world? Any random shower thoughts, something deep or a quick ramble?

Art is more a mental game rather than a physical one.

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