Rosie Eliza Thomas



So first thing's first - tell me a bit about yourself as an artist! How did you get started?

Hmmm. As an artist I think I am still very enthusiastic and hopeful about the world. I have wanted to go to art school since I was five or six years old. I was really lucky to be surrounded by art growing up (My parents both went to art school too)

It seems like you do quite a bit of interdisciplinary work from prints, to sculpture, to performative art. Is there a reason why you like working with different media in comparison to focusing on a single one?

I certainly do dance across all sorts of media. I love the feeling of making and the unknown adventure that comes with trying new processes- different materials have different levels of importance at different times too. There is so much to learn and I will never be an expert at every media I use so I often bring in peers and others who are ‘experts’. Because of this, conversations and problem solving becomes a big part of making a work- it’s great fun because I get to chat to lots of interesting people.

While we're on the topic of your art practice, what's your creative process like?

It’s all over the place! But it is also cyclical, and decisions are often decided by the gut- maybe like a narrative arch? Deadline or no deadline I will have an idea/feeling that I can’t shake. This idea/feeling floats around for a while gathering fallow nutrition through a variety of sources. After a few weeks of ‘research’ and tentative mind-maps and drawings I start to try out processes in the studio. After a bit of fixation on one outcome I loosen up a bit and start playing. Eventually I get through 75 percent of the work and the last 15 percent is figured out towards the end of making a work and during install. Amongst this are many tornados of self-doubt. Making a body of work is a kind of funny emotional journey…a live film…where you are scrutinising yourself and the decisions you make. Satisfaction or not at the end of a chunk of work it’s great to have been able to unravel that little bit of the world you are trying to understand.

Your website says that you're particularly interested in concepts like memory/time, particularly a relationship to non-linear time. What draws you to exploring these types of concepts?

I think I am still working that out. Memory and Time are involved in every artists practice, but I use these to explore ideas of instability. Non-linear time is the time of your imagination and dreams. Order and hierarchy disappears and I think this is where connection and possibilities can be found. You can create a new rhythm, pace and way of moving through the world. It’s exciting and beautiful.

You've also participated in a number of exhibitions in the past couple of years. Which exhibition has been the most memorable to you?

The most memorable exhibition that I participated in was definitely the public performance I made with a group of other artists during my Venice residency. It was terrifying and thrilling. I was new to this particular performance methodology and to the people I was working with. It was all a pretty bizarre and magic experience.

Do you have a favourite work that you've created for an exhibition?

I really loved making ‘can you hear me? (If only)’ a couple of year ago. I filmed part of it in an old lift and got stuck in there for a while which was bad.. Being trapped in the lift also led to a lot of silliness and laughter.

Quick question that's not about your work! This week, Blitz is all about superheroes. Are you a big fan of superhero movies? If you could have a super power for a day, what would it be?

I am a fan of the Incredibles. I don’t think Edna Mode is technically a superhero but Edna wins my vote. I can’t decide there are too many powers to have. I don’t have a particularly good concentration span so perhaps it would be to have super focus for a day and write all the things I’ve been wanting to write...although...flying would be super awesome too.

Final question! we want to be kept in the loop - do you have any awesome projects that are coming up? 

I have a few things in the pipe line so keep an eye out on my Instagram for projects :)

Image documentation by Liam Black, courtesy of Kudos Gallery

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