Laura Lucy


Sculpture & Painting

B Fine Arts & B Education | 2nd Year

Hi Laura! First thing to ask you about your art - how did you get into your art practice and discipline?

Hello! I got into my art practice and discipline very organically - I gravitate towards materials and practices somewhat instinctively, and I’m very inspired by materials, especially textures that I find intuitively appealing. If it doesn’t excite me I don’t care! Also budget - my practice utilises left over, free, traded, scavenged and secondhand materials, as well as inherited techniques: my maternal grandfather is an amazing self-taught painter, and my paternal grandmother taught me to sew.

And how would you describe your style? The work you show on your Instagram is so unique!

I love somewhat repulsive things, like the fleshy scoby I’ve been working with, as well as things that have a certain weird sex appeal, shiny plastic resin and reflective surfaces. My style is very influenced by the Chloe Sevingy brand of weird sexy.

What kind of concepts do you like exploring throughout your work?

I like exploring concepts that seem very natural and instinctive, like what is appealing and repulsive and where do those compulsions or repulsions come from? How can we elicit them? I also create work with intentions of exploring value as a working class person and what labour in the world and art world means as a working class person. 

Do you have a favourite body of work that you've made? What's the best thing about it?

My favourite body of work is this first iteration of this series, “Enfleshings (after Chadwick)” (pictured above). My absolute favourite thing about it was how the organic nature of the material made it so perfect. The translucency and texture is so satisfying and beautiful to me, it is born of the perfect conditions, no other mixture of time, temperature, sugar, tea, yeast and bacteria could produce the exact same thing!

You also post a lot of photos reflecting your make-up and fashion style too. Are there any similarities between your art and fashion style?

My fashion style is so much bolder and more flamboyant! I want to bring that into my practice! The similarity would be the absolute freedom and bliss that I receive from indulging in personal style and art making. It is a privilege to do either. My art teacher told us to build your vision for your future around the clothes you want to wear every day - so I’m trying to find a stable income while wearing assess chaps. If you have a gig for just that, please let me know.

Who inspires you the most? Are there any style icons that you admire and we should check out?

Chloe Sevingy, Grace Jones, Jade Diaz (@nearvous), Isabella Blow, KD Lang, also that one moment in time Vivienne Westwood said she fancied Kate Moss. I think snapback lesbians deserve more respect in general. 

We also want to keep updated with your work! Are there any cool projects or collaborations that you're working on at the moment? Or maybe some in the future?

I’m desperate to work with one of my jeweller friends (@fruit.nut & @charlescarrall), tattooist friends (@jessfriedman_) and robotics friends to create a scoby being: Buffalo Bill and Frankenstein's lovechild/monster, and expect more comics and zines!

Also, do you have anything you want to share with the rest of UNSW? (Any random shower thoughts or just a quick ramble about anything!)

Can straight people please stop telling me to watch queer eye. Also CANCEL TRIMESTERS! Thank you all for the chance to speak, and thank you for reading :~)

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