Talitha Hanna


B Science (Biotechnology)/B Fine Arts (Sculpture & Painting)

Hey Talitha! First thing's first - how did you get into art?

I only really became interested in art in my last few years of school. I took Visual Arts as a year 12 subject, although I didn’t plan to! My major work was a great success and I enjoyed it so much. Deep down I wanted to keep making art so I made a last minute change to my current degree and I have not regretted it!

What are your creative processes like? You mentioned that you're still developing your practice as a first year, so it must be really interesting to experiment with things. 

At the moment I pretty much begin with a material or medium that I want to try out because there’s so much I’m yet to learn. I experiment a lot to see how, and if, a medium suits my conceptual practice. From there I either continue experimentation and make more works, or, I move onto a different medium. At this stage it’s just a lot of fun experimenting and trying out things i’ve always wanted to!

With that in mind, who are your biggest inspirations when it comes to creating?  

I take inspiration from a wide range of Syrian and Middle Eastern artists. As a whole, their practice is super unique yet diverse. I love looking through Syrian contemporary art because it’s so inspiring to see the range of art that artists similar to me create. 

Are there any concepts you like exploring in particular? 

As an Australian born Syrian, my art primarily focuses on the impacts of the Syrian War on its people, landscape and history, as well as the influence of media on our perceptions of conflict. Through my art I want to challenge people to consider the experiences of those usually unheard and expose the reality of the physical and emotional impacts of war.

It also seems like you create both 2D and 3D works - do you prefer one over the other?

Not at the moment. I’m just really trying out different styles to see what I prefer but I think in the future there is the possibility that I will combine both in bodies of work. 

What's been your favourite project that you've done so far? We also love to be kept in the loop so you have any upcoming ones that we should know about?

Strangely enough, the project I’ve most enjoyed was one that was way out of my usual practice! I created two virtual reality pieces for UNSW’s artsweek where the theme was Science and Art. It was a bit of a learning curve but it was very interesting to create a work using VR rather than physical materials, definitely a fun experience. I don’t have anything coming up in the near future but one of my works is currently being exhibited at Hurstville Museum and Gallery until January, check it out :)

And final question! Do you have anything you want to share with the world? Any shower thoughts... or a quick ramble about anything you want? 

Something that used to bother me was the though that my art isn’t making a difference to conflict in the broader sense. However, every time my art is shown or exhibited to a new audience there is at least one person who is moved by my work. I’ve realised that if I have a positive impact on at least one person then that’s sufficient, and I think this applies to anything that anyone does.

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