Demii Whiffin


Collage artist

Name, age and favourite song to get down to.

Demii Whiffin, 22, ‘bring it all back’ by s club 7

How did you get your start as an artist?

I've been doing art forever (as a hobby, in school, in college) and in 2013 i started making original stuff and posting it on the world wide web. People seemed to like it and from that I've got to make some cool stuff for some cool people ! A solid mixture of good luck, hard work, and consistency.

Name some projects/ collaborations you’re are currently working on and how these came about.

Over the past few months I've been doing some art things for Orla Gartland ! I did art using her lyrics way back in 2015 and she found it and messaged me, and we’ve been working together ever since ! she’s great i’m #blessed

Describe some of your favourite past works, and what made them meaningful.

I have a piece from December 2015 called ‘let me be angry about it for a bit’ and it seems to have connected with a lot of people over the past few years (especially with everything that’s been going on in the world) which is so great.

Also ‘waiting for an email’ which is a zine about (you guessed it) the many thoughts and feelings I have when i’m waiting for an Important Email. I started making zines a few years ago with literally no clue how to do it and this one really felt like I was making progress and getting better. i think i got the balance of vague dramatic phrases and real thoughts and feelings right, and also making something completely in black and white was difficult and new but turned out surprisingly well !

Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

Usually i’ll start making something and the idea will form along the way - it’s more about knowing what looks good and when to stop rather than having an idea in my head and trying to recreate it.

What themes do you explore in your work?

All the stuff I make is based on thoughts I've had - out of context they sound very dramatic and serious but a solid 75% are about trivial stuff like what i’m having for dinner or a nice dog I just saw. Visually i’m really into bold colours, a nice font, and pictures of nature

Can you talk about your online presence?

I love the world wide web ! I post all my art on Tumblr and keep Instagram for the best pieces. i’m bad at replying to messages immediately but I love Instagram DMs - everyone is so kind and funny it’s really a Good Fun Time

How do you view the role of social media to artistic practice?

I wouldn’t be able to do what i’m doing without it ! As long as you don’t get caught up trying to make stuff to please other people it can be a great tool to get your work out there.

What are some other artists you love?

STCKWLL, tara booth, + tessa forrest.

What does the future hold for you? Which upcoming collaborations or projects are you most excited about and how do you see your practice developing?

Hopefully some more fun collaborations, more zines, and continuing to experiment and develop my style !!! I recently spent a solid 3 days thinking about embroidery so i’m keen to try and make some cute tshirts for myself so I can survive in the heat of summer and still look chic.

Link to purchase work?

Find tshirts, mugs + other fun stuff here.

Find beautiful prints posted by yours truly here.

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