BY Tulliz Bakar

Tucked behind the 7 Eleven on Oxford Street, you’ll find some of UNSW’s most creative talents drawing, sewing, hammering and snapping away their latest creations on our Art & Design campus. 

Here’s a short list of some of UNSW’s home grown emerging artists. Keep an eye for these names in the coming years, I guarantee this will not be the first you hear of this ambitious bunch…

Gianna Hayes | Photography and Textiles


Inspiring. Thought-provoking. Empowering. Gianna’s photographic works explore identity through culture, body and gender in ways that effortlessly emanate intersectionality. There is an indescribable energy to her works that’s just pulls you into the scenes of her photography.

Cameron Cripps-Kennedy | Graphic Design



From innovative designs to satisfying publication layouts, critical graphic designer, Cameron is one of UNSW’s most versatile talents. One of these days you may find yourself on the hunt for your company’s rebrand - you need not look any further than Cameron!

Marisa Suen | Textiles


Self proclaimed “sucker for experimentation”, Marisa blurs the lines between fashion and art by overcoming the problematic social expectations of the fashion industry, and embracing the conceptuality that art offers. In her practice as a wearable textile artist, she creates unique, gender-fluid pieces in shapeless silhouettes that negate social constructs, inviting ALL to engage in her “conceptually enriched and over-the-top dramatic” works.

Aris Ioannou-Marsh | Jewellery Design 


Sleek. Sexy. Remarkable. Raw. Aris’ contemporary jewellery designs will have you wanting to ring-stack your way to an effortlessly high-end wardrobe.

Mika Benesh | Multi-disciplinary 


Through their multi-disciplinary practice, Mika explores their intergenerational Jewish background, and the ways cultural recovery and collaboration can offer a sense of comfort. Their touching works will speak to anyone with a curiosity about their cultural identity.

Amy Ge | Graphic Design and Illustration


I could gaze into these inventive starry-eyed illustrations for hours on end! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Tharunka this year if you wanna see more of Amy’s glorious creations!

Jacqui Sloan | Textiles and Graphics


Between her interwoven textures and intricate illustrative style, Jacqui’s prints and designs are exemplars of elegant contemporary textiles. Maybe one day we’ll see Jacqui’s organic lines doodled onto a line of high end apparel!

Renee Aquilina | Industrial design


Who said A.D campus had all the creatives? Renee is a recent Industrial Design graduate who has experimented with organic forms in various materials from base metals to resin. All her current one-off pieces are made from 100% marine debris from the Great Pacific garbage patch, and then manufactured through low pressure injection molding. Now THAT’s what I call sustainable fashion.

The talent definitely does not stop there! Stay in the loop with the latest UNSW creatives by following the happenings at Kudos Gallery and AD Space, or join the madness on main campus with Artsweek!

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