BY Tulliz Bakar

Meet Tulliz Bakar – a blossoming jewellery designer and creator of enviable insta captions. 

LOVES show tunes and hates people who drink water through straws. She has been Artsweek Production Assistant for two years after starting off as a keen-bean vollie in 2016. She is currently fighting a heeled boots addiction, but don’t tell her to stop collecting if you know what’s good for you.

What’s Artsweek all about?

Artsweek is all about UNLEASHING your creative side. No longer are we just a feel good art festival - welcome to the creative stomping ground of UNSW Kensington's campus! Whether you're hopeless with a paintbrush or a master sculptor, there is definitely a place for you at Artsweek. Come along and try your hand with our weekly How to Workshops (kicking off this week!) and running throughout the year, and our collaborative festival preparations in second semester!

I love volunteering but skills will getting involved give me?

You name it - Event Management experience, collaboratively working in a large team, time management, leadership skills, quick decision making skills, resourcefulness, and creativity.

Sign me up!

ANYBODY willing have fun with arty stuff, meet some amazingly hilarious hardworking people and easily gain a heap of resume-ready skills. Volunteer commitment is flexible depending on your schedule and things get really cranking in the first five weeks of Semester Two.

What should I expect this year?

Artsweek is bigger and better than ever before! Throughout the entire year, you can embrace your creative flair with our ‘How To Workshops’ where you can learn how to make anything from terrariums to intricate henna tattoos. And in WK 5 of Semester 2, the campus will be transformed into a curated outdoor gallery of interactive artworks and funky installations. During the festival week, you'll be able to immerse yourself in works created by UNSW's most unbelievable talents, and buy some exclusive artworks from local emerging artists!

Find out more about Artsweek and volunteering here.

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