BY India Howard, FOS Coordinator

Ready, sweaty, go!

What is Festival of Sport?

Festival of Sport was 3 day event that was held on the Village Green, running from 6-8 MAR, WK2. There were three main components

1. Free beginner sports sessions - students tested out the sports clubs and comps on offer, no strings attached!

2. Social Sport competition - students signed in teams or individually to play ball games such as volleyball, futsal, oztag, dodgeball and netball socially.

3. Fun and quirky activities - from Giant Boxing, Bike n' Blend, Rock Climbing, Giant Chess and Bubble Soccer to Giant Foosball.

Should we spice up our life and get sporty?

Sport gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Sport is an important aspect of student life, as keeping active has benefits for students physically, mentally and socially. What better way to give students the time to exercise other than host a fun, enjoyable and friendly event that allows students to exercise their mental and physical health, as well as the social aspects right on campus. Festival of Sport gave students the opportunity to participate in beginner sessions of sports they had potentially never tried before, the social sport competition, and the fun and quirky events in between class time, which completely removed the time poor and the lack of physical and social exercise aspects of the perpetuating problem.

Why Festival of Sport?

Festival sport aims to get everyone involved in sport at UNSW, whether you're a top tier athlete or just want a taste of what uni sport has to offer. My aim as the coordinator was to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone could find their fitness fit!

Find out more about sport here.

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