BY Jenny Bowers

Raw talent, unfiltered creativity: UNSWeetened Literary Journal

So what is UNSWeetened? Is it like, low cal cooking? Because my friend Cindy is on Paleo and she looks amaze.

The only thing cooking inside UNSWeetened is a whole lot of imagination. UNSWeetened is a student literary journal that is coordinated by the students, written by the students and even illustrated and designed by the students. It includes three sections, Prose, Poetry and Indigenous Writing.

Student run huh…what kind of students should apply? Do I need to be a high distinction nabbing, high achieving, future ruler of the universe to be on the team?

Absolutely not. Most of us who have worked as volunteers for UNSWeetened don’t even own a pair of matching socks. Volunteers will be trained and supported to build upon the skills they already have. The most important thing for a volunteer to bring to the team is their passion for literature and love for the journal.

So what are these volunteer positions? I won’t be running coffee will I?

We are looking for editors, illustrators and graphic designers. The only coffee you’ll be seeing are the ones we give you at team meetings. Editors will be part of the team who help to select the final stories and poems to be included in the journal as well as working with the authors to help them perfect their masterpieces. Meanwhile illustrators will be creating the artworks that go alongside these stories and the designer will be helping create a beautiful layout for the entire book.

But what if I don’t know what to do?

Each volunteer position will come with a ton of free training and advice, if you don’t know what your doing going in, you will when you come out!

Hey, wait a second, nothing comes for free, what do the volunteers get for their hard labour?

Besides some invaluable skills and work experience, volunteers will also be involved in Arc’s great social scene and have their contribution acknowledged via AHEGS.

What about us brooding writers, sitting in our cabin in the woods, whipping up the next War and Peace?

Please roll up the scroll from your last work, and send it to the UNSWeetened contributors post box. Or alternatively just visit the UNSWeetened page on the Arc website to submit your work online. All works will be treated with the utmost respect and care, and the selected finalists will have the chance to receive thoughtful feedback and advice from our editors to better their already great works.

What about us readers? Do we get a say in the journal?

This year we want to know exactly what the students of UNSW are dying to read. For that reason we have set up a voting poll for you to let us know exactly which genres you would most love to read in UNSWeetened. Plus two lucky winners will WIN a double pass to Storyclub at the Giant Dwarf. Vote HERE.

Okay great that’s all my questions, thanks also…..

Before you go, remember to tune in to UNSWeetened’s new podcast series! We will be talking about writing, art, volunteers, the world of publishing and all things UNSWeetened. Guests will include previous volunteers and contributors of UNSWeetened who have gone on to have rocking careers in the creative industries.

Find out more about submissions and submit here.

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