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UNSWeetened submissions have opened and to get the ball rolling we caught up with author Krystal Sutherland to get the low down on how to beat the dreaded writers block!

Krystal is a twice published author of two YA fiction novels “ Our Chemical Hearts” and “A Semi-Definitive list of Worst Nightmares” but back in 2012 she was a student at UNSW and contributor to our very own UNSWeetened journal.

Tune in to our podcast to learn how she gets inspired, overcomes writers block and how UNSWeetened helped her become the author she is today.

Submissions for UNSWeetened 2018 arenow open. The prize pool for winners include memberships to the NSW Writer’s Centre, subscriptions to Kill Your Darlings literary mag, Westerly Journal, Overland Journal, Good Reading magazine and of course the chance to see your work printed in over a thousand beautifully illustrated copies.

To submit visit the UNSWeetened webpage:

Or to check out Krystal’s books look her up at :


Recorded LIVE from UNSW O-Week 2018, UNSWeetened is launching their new podcast on Blitz Radio. Jenny and Carla reach out to new volunteers to contribute their own prose and poetry to UNSW's Literary Journal.

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