BY Helena Ladomatos 

I bumped into Kimbra a couple of months ago. Not in person. I was sinking into the newly found black hole of Empress Of videos, a young Latin American singer and there she was, hiding as a back-up singer, thus sparking my 55th Kimbra rediscovery. 

Why do I love her so much, you may ask? Kimbra has such a unique and original sound, and has proven time after time that she can nail any style, tone or emotion from slow love ballad, like As You Are, to throwback thrash pop mash-up, like 90s Music. Add to that her incredible* live shows, funky style and mysteriously always perfect fringe (somebody tell me how) and she, my friends, is a true music icon.

And now she’s back to bless your ears with 12 beautiful new tunes.

Released on 20 April, Kimbra’s newest album, Primal Heart, embodies everything I love about her as an artist. Her sound has definitely evolved since 2014s Golden Echo. It shows even more depth and more variety in sound, tempo and attitude. Primal Heart is a serious contender for #1 spot on my list of favourite pop albums. This is a strong, modern Kimbra, and she has created some truly amazing music.

If you’re looking for a completely unbiased and objective review of this album, you’re in the wrong place because, if you haven’t already realised, I’m a big ol’ Kimbra fanatic and I strongly doubt that will ever change.

To be completely honest, I had doubts when I heard the album’s first single, Everybody Knows, last year. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But as usual, it grew on me like a succulent in a hipster’s house.

In an attempt to prevent (more) extreme blubbering on how much I love Queen Kimbra, I’ve ranked the songs from hell yaaas to like not love.

1.     Recovery (featuring my fave Kimbra noise – the chill ‘ayyy’)

2.     Version of Me (will give you goose bumps and make you cry on a rainy day)

3.     Past Love (I could listen to the chorus on repeat)

4.     Real Life (strange in the best way)

5.     Like They Do on TV

6.     Top of the World

7.     Everybody Knows

8.     Human

9.     The Good War

10. Right Direction

11. Light Years (the perf bop pop for Kimbra rookies)

12. Black Sky

*Drink every time I say incredible

You can listen to Primal Heart on the 891, on a plane, or here on Spotify


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