BY Rachel Wilton

Picture this. It’s 6.30pm on a Friday night, near the end of term. 

You’re wearing a fluro ensemble with a slogan tee. Glow-stick in one hand, sausage sizzle in the other. You start to hear the faint sounds of the Black Eyed Peas. It’s disco time!

Tune into this playlist for a nostalgic boogie through the year 2009, with some of its most iconic pop music.

The list is certainly not exhaustive, and some of the songs are technically released in 2008. All I can say though is this: the songs below were definitely on my mp4 player (I wasn’t cool enough to have an iPod) when I was in year 6. For the summer between primary and high school, these songs were what pulled me through.

If you don’t have time to listen to them all, check out this compilation (which used to be my ringtone) from DJ Earworm:

Rachel is a music, book and chai latte enthusiast studying Arts/Education. You can usually find her searching for the perfect gluten free feed, listening to Spotify (unaware of how loud she's singing along), or watching Netflix with her pup Winston.

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