BY Georgia Griffiths

Reusable coffee cups are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. It’s the best way to be environmentally conscious while getting your morning caffeine hit. 

Whether you’re a staunch long black drinker, or are partial to a green tea, it’s nice to be reducing your waste without reducing your energy. Read on to find out what your cup style says about you!

The O-Week freebie cup

You’re a little bit of a cheapskate, but that’s ok! Student life is expensive enough as it is, so you might as well get those freebies where you can. You’re not embarrassed by the giant logo or interesting colour choice of your cup – you can’t be picky when it’s free. Your friends know they can count on you to know all the deals when you go out, and you always scan your rewards card at the checkout. You often leave uni work until the day it’s due, but it always works out.

Go to order: Whatever you brought from home in the morning.

The society logo cup

You’re the type of person to start a sentence with “I’m a law student, so…”. You’re proud of your degree and you want everyone to know it. You work hard but you play hard too. Most of your Instagram Stories are either candids of you at a cool party with all your uni friends, or black and white photos in the library late at night. You either drink four coffees a day, or just carry the cup around for status.

Go to order: A mocha, purchased from wherever you can get a society discount.

The one-colour original cup

You’re a no-bullshit kind of person. You’re the type of person who doesn’t need to be praised for their actions – you just do it because it’s the right thing to do. Your favourite food on campus is the brownies from Thoughtful Foods, and you’re pretty good at remembering to bring your own lunch. You might not be the most proactive student, but you can put your head down and get it done when it counts!

Go to order: A long black or an espresso – no milk, no sugar.

The fancy, tech-enhanced cup

You don’t do things half-assed. You’re super organised and super busy – hence why your cup has a Paywave chip embedded in it. Your outfits are always on point, and your stationery is colour-coordinated to the max. You spend a lot of your time curating your Instagram feed when you should be studying.

Go to order: Double shot macadamia milk cappuccino, half sugar.

The non-reusable, single use cup

You hate doing what people tell you to do, and would rather go out of your way to do the opposite. You don’t realise it, but you are always the weakest link in your group assignments. Your favourite phrase is “just to play devil’s advocate…”. You think it’s fine to watch Netflix in the library, even though you forgot your headphones. There’s really no excuse for you to not be using a reusable cup, even if it’s a branded freebie.

Go to order: Triple shot decaf latte, with a side of irreparable environmental damage.

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