BY Laura Kenny

The assessments are coming for you in your sleep, your exercise regime has become doing a handful of sit-ups between readings when you feel inspired, and you're asking yourself 'do I even want to be a professional social media manager after all?!'

We've all been there. Here are some major emotional resets you can lean on to give you some much need inspiration, commiseration and direction. While it's all fun and games to bash Ted Talks while you're hanging with your Philosophy major pals, you know deep down inside you're still hooked on the idea of catching sage wisdom in a 15 minute soundbite. 

So buckle up my pretties, lay down somewhere where you can see the big fat sky and put your headphones on. These talks will have you back on track in no time.

1. Tim Minchin - Career Advice for Jacks of All Trades

If he hasn't got you with his wacky, wiley sense of self-expression, his 'hokey similes' will have you feeling better about what it feels like to be lost. Minchin offers advice on how to navigate priorities when you don't have one clear career path laid out in front of you. 

2. Emilie Wapnick - On how to handle being obsessed and then bored with everything you try

Wapnick introduces you to the idea of being a multipotentialite and asks us, why is it that we all agree to live within the expectations that we need to be just one thing professionally. She delicately explains how the constraints of success under capitalist structures of power means we all narrow down to one thing, rather than embrace our many different calling. 

3. Esther Perel - Advice on balancing your want for stability with adventure and risk.

Most of us deny the huge impact that our successes and failures in sexual and romantic relationships has on our day to day, year to year life. Perel is an erudite speaker and just gets it. She talks about the challenges of asking from a partner, what we once would've asked from a whole village.

4. Neil Gaiman - On what to do with your creativity 

The power of not knowing what is impossible is measured by Gaiman, and his fancy-free approach on how to carve your own path is a freeing kiss on the head. He wades through heady uncertainty of balance your goals with feeding yourself and never letting go of the time to be idle and creative, and playful in your mind. 

5. Brene Brown - How shame doesn't have to affect your sense of self

Vulnerability is where Brene Brown eats. The older we get, the more we have to feel imperfect about, and hope to conceal from those with prying eyes who would like to measure our value. Essential listening for any human being who intends to remain both human and happy.



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