BY Thaveesha Jinadasa

1.     Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Both of these mega celebs were in Australia for the production of the new Elvis Presley biopic in which Hanks plays an elderly colonel. On the 13th of March, Hanks and his wife announced via Twitter and Instagram that they had tested positive for the Coronavirus. As per their statement, they felt ‘a bit tired, had colds and some body aches.’ As per the protocols, they were observed and isolated for as long as public health and safety required; with global media outlets keeping close eyes on the situation. Celebrity companionship was seen as Australian singer Amy Shark offered up her Gold Coast residence for the Hanks to stay in with ‘Wi-Fi and Netflix Connectivity’ available. Hank’s and Wilson departed from the Queensland hospital five days after they announced they were initially admitted. The couple will continue their quarantine at a home in Australia.

2.     Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell

As a basketball fan, seeing the cancellation of the NBA is really heartbreaking due to the spread of the coronavirus. NBA’s patient zero was none other than Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. On the eve of the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was tested positive for COVID-19. At that time, Adam Silver who is the NBA commissioner announced that the NBA would be calling a hiatus to determine the next steps in regards to the coronavirus pandemic. After Gobert’s diagnosis, a video of him mocking precautions provided by officials surfaced across several social media channels. He is seen rubbing and touching multiple microphones during media interviews and had been touching other players and their belongings just hours before his diagnosis. Was this childish humour or plain carelessness on the part of Gobert?

In a situation such as that of the present, carelessness is not affordable and relationships are extremely fragile. This can be said for Gobert’s relationship with teammate Donovan Mitchell who was the second NBA player to be diagnosed with the illness. The Athletic’s Shams Charania and ESPN’s Adrian Wojenowski reported that inside sources have confirmed that ‘Gobert’s carelessness had caused a bridge between him and the rest of the team.’ Rudy Gobert later went on Instagram to issue a public statement to apologize for ‘public endangerment and exposure to the virus.’

3.     Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Sophie Trudeau is the wife of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau (popularly known as the world’s best-looking prime minister). She tested positive for the virus on the 12th of March. Justin Trudeau was under self-isolation after his wife started showing symptoms after a speaking event in the United Kingdom. The Trudeaus have issued a statement saying that ‘they have been careful with their precautions but are thinking about all the Canadian families affected.’ Following this, Trudeau called for Canada’s borders to be closed to slow down the spread of the virus.

4.     Lucian Grainge

He is the 60-year-old chairman and CEO of Universal Music which is one of the largest record labels in the world with a plethora of stars within their portfolio including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Trippie Redd. The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard reported that Grainge was hospitalized at Ronald Reagan UCLA medical center in Los Angeles following a positive test for COVID-19. What comes of concern is that Grainge threw a 60th birthday party prior to him being diagnosed which included the likes of Apple CEO Tim Cook, music executive Irving Azoff and Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue.

5.     Idris Elba

A former ‘World’s Sexiest Man Alive’, Elba is one of the most well-known British celebrities at the moment. On the 16th of March, the 47-year-old actor confirmed via Twitter that he had contracted the coronavirus. Coincidentally, Idris Elba was photographed with Sophie Trudeau at the WE day on March 4. His wife Sabrina Dhowre has not been tested but is doing okay. He called out his followers and fans to wash their hands, remain aware and stay united. The viral nature of COVID-19 has everyone on their toes in quarantine and scrabbling for whatever rations and supplies they can find at the present time.

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