BY Amandi Fernando

You look like the kind of person who desperately needs to spend the next ten minutes decoding your own personality. Read on good people of earth.

Did it take you a couple of minutes to decide whether you wanted to read this or not?

Are you still not completely sure you want to commit to this article?

Well, take it from one indecisive person to another, you are not alone…or maybe you are…or maybe not.

Perhaps you are self-aware enough to know how indecisive you are, in which case this article may be a little trip down memory lane to a time when you were first awakened to the warning signs. But if you’re just not sure if you can fully cast yourself under the indecisive tag then here’s ten ways to help you decide.

1.    It takes you half an hour (under pressure) to decide what to eat. 

2.    When you finally take the plunge and make a decision you rethink/regret it for hours.

3.    Spontaneous plans are your Achilles’ heel.

4.    It’s become a running joke amongst your friends that you need 3-5 business days to make up your mind.

5.    If you could get back all the hours you spent in the grips of indecisiveness, then maybe you could finally get yourself enough sleep to consider waking up in time for that 9am lecture.

6.    The words “I don’t mind, you decide” replaces your stomach with a sinking pit.

7.    You feel an illogical sense of pride on the rare occasion that making a decision doesn’t make you break into a sweat.

8.    Your opinions are a swirling mass that devours all information coming your way but never really takes one solid shape.

9.    Seeing other indecisive people get through life feels like a confronting reflection of yourself on a really bad day.

10. All 9 points listed above applies to you but the jury’s still out on whether that really makes you an indecisive person.

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