Cosplay I'd Like To See at SMASH! 2022

Written by Estela Irigoitia 

Cover Image photographed by Kwun Wah Chan at the 2019 SMASH! event at ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre

After not being able to attend an anime convention in years, this year is going to be huge. With the Sydney Manga and Anime Show (SMASH!) fast approaching, my mind has been excitedly racing with different possible cosplay ideas. So I thought I'd share a few cosplays that I’m hoping to see while I'm there.

SMASH! 2022

Before we begin, be sure to get your tickets to SMASH! 2022 this year to experience all the incredible cosplay, artists, and extraordinary events SMASH! is putting on.

Not sure what they’ve got going on? Here’s a little list...

Cosplay Catwalk

Gaming Free play

Karaoke Area

Maid Cafe

SMASH! 2022 will be happening Saturday, 16 July & Sunday, 17 July! So be sure to get your tickets by CLICKING HERE - and meet Blitz there.

1. Spy x Family

Spy x Family (currently ranked #11 on MyAnimeList) has taken the anime community by storm, so seeing cosplays from this anime would be incredible. Specifically, I’m hoping to see at least one pairing, whether it be Loid and Yor (our favourite power couple), Yor and Anya, or Anya and Loid. I really hope that whoever cosplays Anya will be around the same age as the character herself. That would beyond all doubt be the cutest cosplay to see. 

Credit: Weilanran, Lujiuerhei, Wit Studio, CloverWorks

2. Hunter x Hunter

With the announcement that Hunter x Hunter is returning, I’d also love to see some cosplay there. However, the cosplay that I really want to see (and please don’t come at me) is Hisoka cosplay. Hisoka is a character that many anime fans know about, even without watching the anime. Plus, he is a massive meme; so photos and interactions with whoever is cosplaying him would be iconic! 

Credit: u/Lena_Lewin on Reddit

3. Jujutsu Kaisen

I absolutely need some Jujutsu Kaisen cosplays. As an Inumaki stan, I would also love to see an Inumaki cosplay at least once over the two days. However, I would also be content with seeing any Gojo or Nanami cosplays, as it’d be hilarious to see all their fans go feral over them.

Credit: Señor Hootles on Youtube

Credit: u/thebescotti on Reddit

4. Demon Slayer

And my most chaotic cosplay need of all is from Demon Slayer. Finally, I’d love to see Inosuke or Sukuna cosplay, our iconic AB boys. And even better, it’d be awesome to see these cosplays done by a woman for some extra spice. Honestly, I think the energy of the people cosplaying these characters would be immaculate, and I’m definitely keen for my chaotic interactions with them.

Credit: u/Taryn_Cosplay on Reddit

Credit: DeLa Doll on Youtube. (Her insanely good makeup tutorial can be found HERE!)

Some Other Cosplay I Want

However, it wouldn’t be an anime convention without seeing cosplays from many of the major animes as well, so I’m also keen to see all the Attack on Titan, Haikyuu!!, Boku no Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and the many more cosplays that I know will definitely be there over the weekend. 

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