BY Alison Lam

Congratulations! You’ve made it past Week One, and it’s already Week Two. 

Assessments are piling up quick. What’s more, you probably work too, or do extra-curriculars. Or both. We uni students are all so busy, busy, busy it can be overwhelming at times. If you’re stressed, you’re definitely not alone—thousands of other UNSW students are probably feeling the same.

That’s why Arc is holding a literal ‘Day of Play’ this Tuesday (that’s the 24th of September just in case anyone lost track of time). There’s no catch: it’s basically a massive event where you can try out all the different kinds of sports and lifestyle activities UNSW has to offer.

Arc’s ‘Day of Play’ is not just limited to sports like touch footy or basketball either. Be it handball, Oztag, yoga or even Quidditch (no flying broomsticks sorry), a tonne of activities are on the agenda so there’s something for everyone. The event is happening in three locations: the Village Green, the half-court and main walkway, from 10am-3pm.

So why should you come play? Research shows that participating in sport can reduce stress levels. At a glance, it might seem a bit absurd to relieve uni-or-work related stress by not being productive. But if you’re constantly working under pressure and having to feel like you always need to be meeting deadlines, chances are you will burn out sooner or later. Exercising can not only alleviate your stress, but also train your muscles, burn calories, and overall make you into a healthier person—both physically and mentally. Of course, the best result also depends on what kind of sport you like. This is where the ‘Day of Play’ comes in - it lets you have the day exploring the best option for you.

There’s no reason not to come to Arc’s ‘Day of Play’. You get to have fun while kicking your stress away, PLUS it’s free. You might even meet a fellow tute-mate and become study buddies later on! Oh, and did I forget to mention that free sausage sizzles are also up for grabs? Enough said. 

Catch all the latest deets over on the Facebook event page. Also note that places are limited, so to avoid disappointment register here.

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