BY Kalvin Do

On the 12th of October 2019, UNSW Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Society will host the first-ever UNSW ASEAN Conference, featuring renowned speakers and 200 prospective delegates from Australia and abroad. 

With the support of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, UNSW ASEAN Conference aims to build a tight-knit relationship between Australia and ten ASEAN countries. It also celebrates the diversity, capability, and vitality of the next generation.

Kalvin Do, External Communications and Media Director of the UNSW ASEAN Society, gave us three reasons why the conference may be valuable to UNSW students: 

  1. It is a chance for you to equip yourself with valuable knowledge and awareness of the ASEAN region. The conference provides up-to-date information about current developments within the region in the fields of Economics, Political Security and Socio-culture. Discussion by experts in each of the fields will range from sustainability, future and technology to equity and equality. The conference showcases very diverse perspectives and insights into hot topics in ASEAN countries, which indicate available opportunities for students across Australia. 
  2. Attending the conference may speed up your employment prospects! It provides excellent networking opportunities for participants to meet a great number of prospective employers. The event will allow participants to get up close and personal with industry professionals, including CEOs as well as numerous academic experts specialising in Southeast Asian affairs. Those who participate in the Conference will remember this experience through the connections they have made and new networks they have established. From business to law, from science to international relations, the Conference will offer something for everyone. It will serve as a one-stop shop for getting to know the region.
  3. It will be a big celebration of diversity full of joy and food. The best way to learn about a new culture is by enjoying its food! Thus to complete the experience, delicious signature cuisines from different ASEAN countries will be served during the conference. Participants will have an opportunity to try the wide range of cuisines boasted by these ASEAN countries, and will gain an appreciation for each country’s distinct culture. From savoury to sweet, participants’ tastebuds will undergo a sensory rollercoaster through the thrilling experience of trying a diverse range of cuisines. This forms an integral aspect of the Conference, as one of the event’s aims is to enrich the cultural identities of participants, and to inspire a sense of appreciation towards the cultures of some of Australia’s closest neighbours.

If you’re interested in heading along to the conference, you can grab tickets here or check out the Facebook event.

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