BY Georgia Griffiths

The end of Semester 2 is fast approaching, and it’s bringing a slew of assessment tasks with it. 

It’s easy to feel pretty overwhelmed right now, to the point where it feels better to just do nothing at all. While the finish line might seem out of sight, there’s loads of ways you can re-find your motivation and make it to the break.

Break it down

Unfortunately we’re talking about breaking your tasks into smaller pieces, not competing in your local dance comp. A huge assignment can be pretty daunting when you first give it a look, particularly if you haven’t started it as early as you should have. By breaking it down into smaller parts it becomes way more manageable. Set yourself deadlines for these smaller chunks, and you’ll have the entire thing done in no time. This also allows you to make time for other non-uni-related things.

Make time for something you love

Struggling to get through the pile of assignments your lecturers dumped on you? Finding you’re spending more time scrolling through Facebook than scrolling through your study notes? Sometimes the answer to increasing your productivity is to go and do something completely different for a while. Schedule times in your day to do things you enjoy. Whether it’s reading, sport or going to a gig, you don’t have to completely give up your passions during a busy period at uni. Just be reasonable and know your limits – going to a festival the day before a 60% exam might not be the right idea.

Get outside

There’s nothing like nature to get your creative juices flowing. If you’ve hit the wall, go for a walk around the block. Being cooped up inside isn’t what we’re made to do, and your body will thank you for the incidental exercise. If you’ve got the time, go down to the beach or the park. As the weather warms up there’s nothing worse than seeing a sunny day from the library window. Try studying outside – sometimes a new environment is all you need to get going.

Buddy up

Accountability is a surprisingly strong motivator. Find a mate that also needs a bit of a push, and make a pact to get things done. Organise study dates and check in on each other as deadlines get closer. If you’re dreadful at getting up in the morning, get them to call you and make sure you’re awake. Be sure to also make time for a bit of fun, though, to make sure the friendship remains a happy one. Grabbing a casual coffee or going for an after-work drink is just as important as hunkering down in the library.

Remember it’s all temporary

Uni isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. Ultimately, the end of sem slump only lasts for a few weeks. Keep it in perspective, and think about all the cool things you’ll get to do over summer. If you’re really struggling, try organising a trip or an event to look forward to after you finish exams. Putting your head down for a week or two means you’ll get to fully enjoy a couple of months off, which is a pretty good trade if you ask us.

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