BY Katie Vicary

Did Covid-19 seriously mess up your dating life? Are you at home missing your gals, pals or special someone? Well look no further, here are my hot tips and tricks to soothe your social distancing woes.

In all seriousness, I know this is affecting everyone around the world to a greater or lesser extent and the idea of social distancing isn’t the most pleasant for some, but it is doable. Think of all the long-distance couples, families in different countries, friends who go on exchange and so on. We’ve all experienced some distance from the people we love, but today it’s easier than ever to stay connected. As such, here are my fun suggestions for ways to keep in contact or to keep that flame lit, so to speak.

1. Schedule Time

Here’s a key tip. Scheduling a definite time to speak to loved ones is a really helpful way to ensure you keep in touch. Whether that be once a week, once a day or Saturday at 2pm. Whatever works for you. This allows you to have something to look forward to and also means you can focus on other things. Just jot down ‘Zoom w/Jen’ on your calendar or whatever you use, and you’re good to go. You’re not totally isolated, you have plans now.

2. Online Study Session

Ha! Did you seriously think university going online would make your study life easier? You silly so and so. I know for a lot of people finding the motivation to study is even harder when they’re stuck at home however, there’s work to be done. Something that may help is organising an online study session with your friends (like you definitely do in real life because you’re a top student). Of course, it could have the complete opposite effect and you get no work done but honestly, either way it’s a win. Maybe just be selective and leave your chaotic friend out this time.

3. Netflix Party

For those who haven’t heard of this, essentially, it’s a Google Chrome extension which allows you to sync whatever you’re watching with your friends and includes a chat log at the side of your screen. I promise this is not an ad. My friend and I spent our Friday afternoon watching Spirited Away, each in the comfort of our own homes, two hours apart. It was the first time either of us had used the app and I will say it was a really lovely experience. You can also add a group. I imagine as soon as you get a group going on there it’d be wildly chaotic (I have plans to do this while watching the Emoji Movie) but that’s half the fun.

4. Online Games

Alright, I’m not a gamer, I occasionally partake but I don’t frequently spend my time gaming. I am aware however, that there are heaps of games you can play online with friends. I personally am interested in playing some party games like Quiplash or Fibbage which are akin to Cards Against Humanity. Much like with using Netflix Party, playing online games with a group of friends can be a lively experience so you’d better get ready. Actually, playing online games with your extended family might be even worse.

5. Playlists

We’re getting creative here but hear me out. Create a personalised playlist for someone. It doesn’t have to be a touchy feely, sad boys playing guitar sort of playlist, it can be as tailored as you want. For example, I’m making my friend two playlists: one is a cursed mix of songs including gems such as ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ and ‘Rasputin’ (two great songs no doubt). The other is an actual playlist of songs I enjoy and think she hasn’t heard. Creating a playlist can be a nice way to feel connected to someone or an opportunity to showcase your superior music taste.

6. Care Packages and/or Letters

I know we live in a digital age but have you ever received a letter? Like a physical letter which wasn’t just a bill or spam. It does make you feel a little special and you probably have some spare time on your hands to send one. Also, a care package, how cute is that? This is a little self-indulgent because I’ve always wanted to send and/or receive a little care package but I’m sure I’m not alone. Send a friend a single sheet of toilet paper or a bag of glitter to be an asshole. Send a cute letter with doodles around the side. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. (Someone please send me a cute care package).

7. The Obvious – Call, Facetime, Skype, Text

This is obvious but it works, you already do it all the time. Almost every social media app we use allows us to converse with people around the world. Just a simple text to your friends and family can make their day. This is something you all do every single day so quite honestly you have no excuse not to stay connected with any of your friends.

Well, there’s some of my creative tips and tricks for keeping your love strong during these weird times. I hope everyone’s staying safe, practising social distancing and doing their best. These are some strange times for sure so it’s important to keep in touch with people you love and give them your support. That being said, someone send me a damn care package.

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