BY Cheryl Till

With final assignments and the exam season fast approaching (and especially with many of us now having time on our hands), it is common to fall prey to procrastination.

Instead of reorganising your desk for the 15th time and spending two hours jazzing up the font for your essay title, test out some of the following ways of productive procrastination – the ultimate way to get a feeling of accomplishment, without actually accomplishing any of the tasks you’re supposed to be doing.

Oh, and yes, you can do all of these while still binge-watching Netflix.

Knit a Pair of Socks

You know what they say about idle hands and all. So, as you enjoy being a couch-potato, try knitting a pair of socks. A great way to feel productive while you re-watch Friends, or get sucked into the world of exotic animals and become totally convinced that Carole Baskin killed her husband… Plus you get a cool new pair of socks to warm the winter months. (Check out Carole Baskin being guilty below!)

Don’t let the tiny toothpick sized needles fool you. Even for absolute beginners who have never knit before, socks can be a super easy thing to learn to knit – and being small it will require minimal movement which is always a bonus. It’s a job that you can absolutely breeze through and gives a great sense of accomplishment, getting your feet warm and toasty in no time.

Bake Some Bread

It’s no secret that the sourdough/banana bread/general loaf craze of 2020 seems to have overtaken the world. If you can get your hands on some flour, baking is an incredibly cathartic way to destress AND you get some edible treats at the end.

Of course, sweet treats are the best, but unless you can finish off a whole batch of brownies given the restricted ability to share with your virtual study buddies (although if you can, I salute you and your sweet tooth!), bread is a great alternative that can kill a few hours and still get your kitchen smelling delicious.

Also, punching a giant bowl of bread dough is insanely satisfying.


Right okay, so maybe I lied about being able to do all of these while still watching Netflix, unless you just happen to have a snazzy at-home gym with a treadmill in front of a TV. You could always stay in front of the TV and crunch along with some of the many at-home workout YouTube videos. Or cardio dance to Broadway tunes if that’s more your jam.

Still, if you’ve fallen into the trap of just watch Chris Hemsworth flex while snacking on your freshly baked bread (I mean, I wouldn’t judge) … it may possibly be time to consider a nice stroll out in the fresh air or a bit of a job through the neighbourhood.

Try Origami

According to Japanese tradition, it is believed that folding 1000 paper cranes can bring happiness and hope during challenging times.

While a thousand may be excessive, or superstition might not be your thing, trying your hand at origami could still provide a nice relaxing outlet that also produces some colourful new deco for your desk. I totally understand your hesitation, since I remember getting endlessly frustrated with fiddly bits of paper as a kid trying to follow an oversimplified origami books. But lo and behold, thanks to the magic of the Internet handy video tutorials or step-by-step instructions (WITH PICTURES) have made this task easier than ever before.

And one great thing about origami is that the super light paper means once you’ve filled your own existence with paper creations, you can easily snail mail some to your friends in isolation, to brighten up their day.

Or, just do all of the above

… then write a cool article about it for Blitz.

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