BY Jeeves Verma

Here are 5 things we learnt about the world, last week…

1. Ostriches and Emu are the only birds that provides us with leather! Ostrich leather has also made a name for itself within the street and skate cultures, as it has been featured on several skate shoes; most notably the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB "Ostrich."


2. Facebook announced they’ll be adding a new dating service. As a result, shares in Tinder fell 22%! Which is perfect cos now I can be rejected by a whole new entire population of women!


3. The first product to feature a barcode on its packaging was Wrigley’s Chewing Gum in 1974.


4. MONOTREMES DON’T HAVE NIPPLES!! …I know!! Gotta cross “milking a platypus” off my bucket list DX


5. Seeds are removed from cotton in a Ginnery. Ironically, gin is made in a Cottonery*


*Nope. That’s a lie. I made that word up. The world isn’t filled with wonderful coincidences like that, all the time!!


Ok, stop procrastinating! Get back to studying! Then come back and join me for trivia at the Whitehouse.


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