BY Samantha Clemente

The bus line is long, the campus is huge and the coffee options are limitless. If you’re starting first year and feeling overwhelmed, fear not - we’ve got your back.

Timetabling Troubles

There’s nothing worse than sitting through 13 weeks of lectures only to find out that a course doesn’t even count towards your degree. Get Googling and trawling the UNSW Handbook ahead of time to make sure you’re studying a subject that you love and also actually counts towards your degree.

Plan, plan, plan! Try to sort out your timetable before the enrollment date to work out whether you want to sleep in every morning or a three hour afternoon break to hit The Whitehouse.

The Thirst for Freebies

Student Life is all about the freebies! O-Week is prime freebie time so pick-up free pens, highlighters and notebooks to last you the year.

Luckily, freebies float around campus all year round! Keep an eye out for free sausage sizzles, Street Team giveaways and comps to WIN freebies.

Find Your Bearings

Save yourself from having to run up the Basser Steps by knowing where you are and where you’re going. You can find everything from the nearest ATM to bus stop using the map in the back of the Arc 2017 diary or the ‘Lost on Campus’ app.


Procrastination is not your friend - it’s the devil, convincing you that ‘later’ is fine and that you are capable of watching a 40 minute episode in 30 minutes. If you find yourself in trouble the night before something is due, fear not. The 24-hour study space on campus (Student Study Lounge in the Main Library) means you can finish up that essay and make it to class on time.

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

Follow Blitz and Arc on social media to keep up to date with what’s hot, what’s on and what’s free. UNSW’s ‘Free Food’ and ‘Textbook Exchange’ Facebook groups will also keep you fed and well read.

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