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A Definitive Ranking of the Beloved Papa's Pizzeria Games

By Alexa Stevens

Cast your mind back to the golden age of flash player:, crowding around the ancient computer your primary school had at lunch break, complaining to your mum when your sibling played into your iPad screen time. The good old days *sigh*. Flash games truly were the crowning glory of online games, none so much as the iconic Papa’s games.

With 14 food variations to choose from (plus special shoutout to the weirdos that played When the Burgers Attack 2 like me), Papa Louie games were a cut (ahah pizza pun) above the rest. But which one of them was the cherry on top of a delicious sundae? 

Hence this article; I have played all of the Papa games again (I’ll link to where you can find them at the end!) and thus have brought it upon myself to rank these slay queen slices of internet history.

Note: I played all of the games for three days (game equivalent), plus any/or mini-games included. I tried to be fair!

Coming in dead last ...

14. Papa’s Donuteria 

Did anyone actually play this?

Part of the new generation (Papa’s Arcade), even the mini games couldn’t redeem this monstrosity. You have to make three donuts at once, flip them once they’re halfway done (one of the worst features in a Papa’s game) and make them look good when it’s physically impossible. Do-nut play this game.


13. Papa’s Pastaria

Only better than Donutria because it has bread add ons, that’s it. 

So complicated. This game adds on a whole other server and dining room where people wait for their food. Plus to make the pasta you have to stir it halfway (die) and then wait for the water to strain out! This is too realistic my dude, I’m pass-taing on this. 

Like… no.

Oh, and if you shake the pasta to get the water out faster (fun!) then you run the risk of pasta flying out (bad!). Plus the bread cools down so you can’t even premake it :') ;

Terrible gameplay - 1/10

12. Papa’s Pizzeria

Really this one’s here for the nostalgia… Yeah, it’s not great and didn’t make the cut for top ten.

The graphics in this really don’t hold up, plus my favourite features (closers and minigames) came later. Simply put, it’s boring. There’s not even a shop to buy a doorbell! And the pizza’s hard to cut :(

11. Papa's Cupcakeria

Why is the icing so hard to swirl?

Probably would be easier to do with a mouse but if there’s anything I’m motivated by, it’s making my Papa’s food look ✨ beautiful ✨ with a touchpad. So it’s honestly insulting when it calls your icing job an “oops”... I didn’t come here to be attacked.

It baked me crazy!

Also, you don’t even have any bonus drinks to make so it’s just the cupcakes, and two of them *shudder*. Not today, Cupcakeria, not today. 

10. Papa’s Scooperia 

The title of this game is misleading because you’re mainly baking cookies, lol.

This was very cute, (you could say it made my heart melt)! I had lots of fun with the toppings and the cookie baking, but it was surprisingly hard to time the scooping of the dough and icecream. Maybe it’s my customer service apathy but I really didn’t care when my customer’s gave me a bad score on the waiting time, HAHA.


9. Papa’s Bakeria

One of the cuter games. In Bakeria you make pie! 

You get to see the filling when they cut a slice for the customer at the end :) 

Check out the pie filling graphics… nice.

However, the pies take forever to bake. Speed it up! The gameplay is pretty similar to Wingeria or Freezeria, but it doesn’t reward you for filling it right :(

I'm still ranking this high-ish because I like pie.

8. Papa's Sushiria

I actually didn’t like this one as a child… how the turn tables...

Upon a revisit, this is genuinely pretty fun gameplay. You get to make bubble tea (and can prepare it early! We love organisation). Plus with the rice cooking fast, you get to multitask quickly. You could also say the funky setting was a real pearl in the Papa’s games 

However, it ranks this low because of the sheer amount of stuff they make you do: toppings inside and out, and cutting the sushi rolls without a guide which severely overestimates my guessing ability. It also had my sushi-making pet peeve... you had to add rice vinegar halfway through rice cooking, smh.

7. Papa's Taco Mia

Sometimes nostalgia makes the great seem eh :(

This was actually a letdown. Sadly a rude awakening that Taco Mia is honestly kinda boring...

The graphics aren’t great, although the little “Flip!” sign is cute (see image above). You have to CUT AND STIR THE MINCE IN THE MIDDLE GRRRRR. And there aren't any bonus decorating/mini games/drink features :(( 

RIP my childhood I guess, I don’t want to taco 'bout it.

6. Papa's Pancakeria

This is so adorable! Design 100/10, did not fall flat.

This does a lot of great things: you can decorate without a criteria of ‘freshness’ which can ruin the fun, and you have a little dog companion on your serving counter! Maybe not the most hygienic but I don't care. 

There’s also a free “cook your pancakes faster” button in the game, and you have a little gauge that tells you exactly when the pancake’s cooked 50/50 on both sides! Love to see it. However, you have to play to rank 15 to get the drink function? No thx. Also, toppings again frustrate me. Why isn’t the butter all the same size?

5. Papa's Cheeseria 

The stock characters are dressed kinda emo, but it’s not too cheesy.

These are ideal conditions, apart from sandwich placement. The toppings aren’t particularly difficult, and making the fries is a fun touch. Plus, I love that the bread gets all cheesy from the toastie, A+ design. Still makes you flip the sandwich halfway through, but it’s funky enough that I can dismiss that, thx.

4. Burgeria

Okay, completely biased, but you get to play as Papa Louie here. So of COURSE it’s going to be fourth. 

Truly. Just. Iconic. This game paved the way for all the other Papa stacking games and I stand by that. It may be simplistic, but it’s still fun! It also has one of the best features, which is a little temp gauge so you know exactly when the patty is perfectly cooked. The shop also has a warmer to keep them the perfect temperature! Honestly, it’s the only bun for me.

3. Papa's Wingeria

Now this nostalgia held up, what a vibe.

Maybe I just like a good symmetry moment, but organising these plates was so satisfying to me.

Although, sadly, no drink option. There are fire minigames, and you get to decorate the parlour. Simplistic but a banger, and it’s easy to wing it.

2. Papa’s Hot Doggeria

First of all, can we just appreciate the setting? We’re literally at a baseball game, so fun!

This one has complexity, but without the difficulty. It’s actually so fun! You get to collect toppings as well as different popcorn and drink flavours, AND you can premake those so they are ready at the end (*mwah* organised queens) 

The hot dogs cook pretty fast too, and you get to decorate the walls with your favourite team’s merch! I’ll be frank(furter) with you, the only sport I actively follow is my Hot Doggeria baseball team. Gorgeous!

And finally, the NUMBER ONE Papa’s game….

1. Papa’s Freezeria 

Truly the cherry to the Papa's sundaes.

This game has all the benefits of the original version of Papa's with some spicy extras (like getting a tip every time you nail the ice cream pour? Yes please), and without the complications of the new version (like “freshness” decoration criteria? no thx). It’s not too hard to nail the order, and you get to unlock toppings as you go along! This game truly cannot be beaten (unlike those delish ice cream treats you make in game).

And there you have it! The good, bad and delicious of all the games. 

Don’t agree with my ranking? Just want to experience some of this sweet nostalgia for yourself?

Play the Papa games here! (I had to download the website app to play all of them, but some of them are available from the website!)

Or, if you don't want to download the website, then here is one you can play right here: Papa's Burgeria!

Happy restauranting without the actual stress of hospitality!

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