Top 9 things to look forward to in Law Revue’s ‘Barbie Life in the Jailhouse’

by That Annoying Theatre Kid

"We're all made in a sweatshop in China, anyway" "Wait, If I am made in China, why am I white?"

As the neverending grind of term 1 comes to its depressing and stressful climax, Law Revue is back yet again to tickle our funnies with the fantastic and totally relevant theme of Barbie to help us forget our impending doom, for one night at least. 

As a curious and desperately lonely first year, Law Revue was the first society to catch my eye with their dapper rendition of England’s mightiest weapon 007, in 2022. They’re what drew me to participating in subsequent revues and watching them churn out another production warps me up in a wondrous blanket of nostalgia coupled with the feeling that I’m growing up too fast. Ignoring my mini existential crisis, I caught the first show last night to Law Revue presents- 'Barbie: Life in a Jailhouse', and here are the highlights!

9. The Band

This ensemble featuring instruments like bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, trumpets, trombones, a violin and a synthesizer turns it up with musical hits like ‘stayin’ alive’, ‘Beat it’, ‘me and your mama’ and ‘ocean eyes’. Also features beatboxing and a very unexpected but welcomed freestyle rap!

8. Putin vs Trump

No this will never get old. We witness the two friendly presidents having a quarrel over whose country has the better standards of living. Divided by constitutional jargon, united by their ‘hate for gays’.

7. Opening

The dance to start it all off- the opening sequence starting with 'Barbie Girl' by aqua with dancers dressed in pretty pink outfits and glittery ascots smoothly transitioned into a creepy and mechanical doll vibe accompanied by Melanie Martinez’s ‘dollhouse’. This one really sets the tone for the rest of the show.

6. Bratz vs Barbie (vs Cabbage Patch)

Make way for THE most iconic rivalry of all time. 

5. Speciality Dances

A sensual number characterized by muted red lights, hot pink outfits, and mesh crop tops to the beats of ‘Love is a bitch’ and ‘Super freaky girl’ in the first act, and a soulful contemporary style sway to the themes of ‘Broken’ and ‘Easy On Me’ in the second act left us cheering and clapping long after the lights went out!

4. Musical Sketches

Maybe it’s the music geek in me, but I am a sucker for a good musical sketch and when a parody is done right, the world feels like a better place. 

“If I were a worm” (If I were a boy- Beyonce) explores female insecurity and the age-old question women ask their partners- would they still love them, if they were a worm? but with an unexpected twist.

“Can you hear me major tom?” (Space Oddity- David Bowie) this hilarious parody follows a frustrated husband dealing with his wife turning down his request to have an 8th child. Distraught over the idea of her being on birth control and his bloodline ending, he hits us with iconic lines like “I’m sitting very still, I don’t think my spaceship knows where to go”.

3. White Girl 2.0

Sick of the gay male best friend stereotype? This sketch flips the trope where a gay man’s search for a straight white female best friend takes him to an AI robot. This queen slays hard until... she literally slays the queen. The moral of the story- is don’t depend on AI for your bestie needs.

2. Sexy Magistrate 

This loses the top spot for sheer lack of stage time. Judge Michael serves both justice and abs in court, as he makes his way in and out to the legendary beats of ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine. In case you missed ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ in theatres, come watch Law Revue!

1. Voice-overs

The real MVPs. Filling in the awkward pauses between set and costume changes with absolute hilarity, these legends will hit you with their edgy humour, absurd commentaries and crowd interactions. A song about peeing in public, which strangely reminded me of The Lonely Island (comeback when?), a Batman parody, at least 12 jokes on Dominic Perrottet and a weirdly heartbreaking unrequited love story told completely through outgoing voicemails about a guy, just wanting to make napalm with a girl. Justice for Marcel!

P.S. I can still hear the Wonderwall cover in my head.

This mega entertainer is only available for two more days!

When- 30th & 31st March

Where- UNSW Science Theatre

Time- 7:00 PM

Tickets available at 

For more information 

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