Term 1 International Markets Highlights

Term 1’s International Markets were held Wednesday, 5th April 2025, 6 pm-10 pm on the UNSW Main Walkway.

With a record crowd of 7,000 attendees, the event was very successful in its mission to raise money to support victims of the Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria along with creating a positive atmosphere to celebrate different cultures.

Here are the biggest highlights!

  • Arc Clubs partnered with the UNSW Turkish Society and raised over $3,5OO which will be donated through recovery organisations, AFAD & AHBAP.

  • Students were treated to 22 food stalls and eight musical performances from cultures around the world.

  • The Market atmosphere was filled with a variety of musical performances from professional Turkish dancers, Australian Dance Academy, to Elton John's Rocket Man, performed by the Piano Society.

  • Several CIub stalls were so popular, they restocked multiple times to meet the demand, and some Clubs served over 800 plates.

  • Arc thanked Medibank and UNSW Equity Diversity & Inclusion for their support of the event and decorations.

  • Medibank’s Partnerships & Commercial Manager, Sabrina Gu said, It was such a pleasure to witness students' enthusiasm for engaging in the activities we had in store for them.”

  • Food highlights included Nura Gili Indigenous National Team’s kangaroo sausage sizzle, Bangladesh Society’s camel burgers and Turkish Society kebabs. 

 This is a stunning accomplishment and we’re so proud of our communities for coming together tonight.

- Arc CEO, Shelley Valentine

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