Wandavision: Something Unexpected

By Shakira Bakhtiar

WandaVison is Marvel’s first live action tv show instalment to Disney plus and it has started off with a bang!


WandaVison is a show that revolves around odd (but very lovable) couple Wanda Maximoff (a mutant with telepathic powers) played by Elizabeth Olsen and her husband Vision played by Paul Bettany who is synthezoid (a red human android). The show explores their lives as a normal, everyday American couple, despite their individual quirks. While watching the show you watch the couple grow throughout time (both literally and figuratively) and overcome obstacles whether it maybe mundane or national security matters…As the show progresses the plot becomes more complicated; the characters learn what it means be alive and what creates happiness.Viewers also see the inner turmoil of the characters as they begin to question their morals whilst trying to keep up with the world around them, as it seems to be one step ahead of them. While watching each new episode it leaves you asking more questions than the previous, making this 9-episode series something I’ve never seen before, leaving you satisfyingly confused which is not uncommon for the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe).

You may be reading this and wondering “But I’ve never seen a Marvel movie or know anything about Wanda or Vision, how can I enjoy the show?”, have no fear! WandaVision in my opinion is a show one can enjoy without too much background knowledge of the two main characters. In my perspective as an MCU fan, both Wanda and Vision had very minimal screen time within the whole franchise and as a viewer, one could barely have a strong connection with their characters. Within superhero films, it’s truly a battle for screen time to be popular and these two characters had well and truly lost till this show.

Although a few episodes into the show it does reference back to other films, but by the end of the episode a viewer could establish what is needed to be known to continue with the plot. Please don’t let not knowing about Marvel deter yourself from the show!! If anything, it makes the show more enjoyable to watch as you find out more and more about the characters. But if you are still unsure, I would say one could watch Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Endgame to get some fundamental knowledge about what happens within the show.

I am loving the show significantly but there were some minute flaws if I had to be picky. At times within the show, Elizabeth Olsen’s character overacts to portray certain aesthetics as each episode or every two episodes the characters are transported into a different decade of television sitcom and at times it was very annoying and if one did not understand the reference to sitcom of each decade.This can be quite draining as a viewer considering the show revolves around that aesthetic. As well as this the plot moves very quickly. Although I enjoy having “ah ha” moments when watching the show, at times one can be quite confused which I’m not surprised with considering this show is a stand-alone 9-episode series and plot and character development would have to be rushed.

While watching the show I appreciated the high-quality nature of it. MCU has been more commonly known for films and WandaVison “feels” like one. Everything about the show was cinematic and the high-quality nature of the show reflects the budget with each episode reported at $25 million each. I also appreciate how it causes you to be conflicted with yourself. Do you want them to live out their dreams or not? The conflict for a viewer is the direct result of a great script and acting between both main and side characters which is a formula of a great show. WandaVison is not action heavy unlike other MCU counterparts and really lets viewers think about the characters and their decisions causing empathy towards them. The show has also caused me to rewind or look at my sister to say, “Did we see the same thing?”, everything in the show is done strategically I believe and makes for a 30≈ minute roller-coaster ride a week.

All in all, WandaVision is a must-watch original series and something I promise you to have never seen before. Honestly, I’m quite sad it will only be 9 episodes, but I am really looking forward to seeing the characters within the show in future Marvel productions. As well as this I am looking forward to seeing more Disney plus Marvel live-action shows. If any of the shows are as half as good as WandaVision Marvel can definitely give themselves a pat on the back.

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