What to do this lockdown (other than binge Netflix)

By Lili Tisch-Bostock

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Just as we were starting to feel almost nostalgic about the last lockdown, here we are back in lockdown again and that feeling has quickly vanished. Here are some different ways you can occupy yourself with one more week to go, other than TV, study or that endless list of books you’ve been meaning to read.

Learning a Language

Maybe you studied a language at school and haven’t looked at it since, but now is the perfect time to get back into it with apps like Duolingo, as well as just reading or watching TV in the language (if you’re learning Spanish, Elite Season 4 is now on Netflix). There are also tons of online courses you can do for free with sites like Khan Academy.

Fitness Goals

As you might remember from the home workout craze last lockdown, it is a perfect time to get back into your fitness goals. Especially if you’re like me and not very motivated to exercise, it definitely helps when it’s one of the only reasons you’re allowed to go outside. Whether it’s home workouts, running or just a leisurely walk, go outside and get some fresh air to help combat feeling bored and cooped up at home.


Podcasts are perfect for feeling like you’re being productive while aimlessly pottering around the house, with a huge range from educational to purely entertainment. I recommend I Weigh with actress Jameela Jamil for informative and engaging discussions on mental health with new guests every week such as Gloria Steinem and singer Marina Diamandis. I also like Growing with the Flow by Nayna Florence and Goes Without Saying with Sephy and Wing, which discuss social issues and more light-hearted topics in a really entertaining and conversational way.

Creative Hobbies

Whether it’s drawing, painting, knitting, journaling or the myriad of other creative hobbies you could do, they’re a great way to relax and de-stress. I used to love drawing but doing a series of drawings for art in Year 12 made me feel creatively burnt out. Now I have more time and I’m trying to get back into it. It’s also interesting looking at the virtual collections of art galleries such as MoMA or the Tate Britain on Google Arts and Culture.


Baking was also huge during the first lockdown, with practically everyone baking their own sourdough or banana bread. If you’re not bothered to make something from scratch, packet mixes are still fun or buy something from a local bakery to support businesses during the lockdown.


Deep cleaning your room or space is a good way to pass the time and get rid of any clutter that you’ve accumulated over the past few months. You can also sort out your clothes and decide what you what to keep and donate. You can then make Pinterest boards for some style inspiration and indulge in a bit of retail therapy to find pieces you’ll really wear.

So this lockdown maybe try out some new hobbies or get back into things you’ve stopped doing over the years. Whether you’ve reignited your passion for something you once loved or simply want to kill some time, it’s always a good idea to have something else to do when you’ve exhausted Netflix.

Writer’s Bio: Lili Tisch-Bostock is a student studying a double degree of Media and International Studies. She is interested in reading, writing and learning languages and enjoys art exhibitions and watching Netflix high school dramas.

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