BY Thaveesha Jinadasa

From the hard-hitting stages of Ultra Music Festival in the US, to the Woodland Enclosures of Pukkelpop in Belgium; Sydney’s very own mega DJ Chris ‘Emoh’ Emerson a.k.a WhatSoNot is one of the most well-travelled and experienced DJ’s in the game.

He has traversed a number of genres, from hip hop to trap throughout his career; and in turn has notched up multiple billboard and Triple J top 100 singles. As of today (March 14th 2020), his remix of Rufus Do Sol’s worldwide hit ‘Innerbloom’ came in at number 64 on the Triple J top 100 Songs of the Decade.

The news of his success, coupled with a number of exciting performances down under has created immense hype for his latest album, which will be released in mid-2020. With nightclubs shutting down, major tours being cancelled and people going into isolation for their safety and wellbeing; I decided to take it upon myself to see the last show of a tour which was an EDM connoisseur’s fantasy.

Conveniently, this show happened to take place at UNSW’s very own Roundhouse.

The concert opened with one of Australia’s freshest DJ’s, Choomba. This duo has built up a large cult following within the hybrid techno-trap scenes in Australia and it was easy to see why. There was undeniable energy and a buzz in the air as they churned out a gruelling 1 hour set of ‘basslines and bangers’ and capped it off with their most famous track ‘La Luh’ which is coincidentally a sample off Sam Smith and Naughty Boy’s 2013 hit ‘La La La.’ Even though they did not have the best of starts to their set, it was an extremely strong finish. With the decks warmed, the stage prepped, the mosh piled up and the drinks filled: it was time for the main event.

In his signature white bucket hat and overalls, WhatSoNot’s transition into the flow of the event showcased how much of a seasoned veteran he was. Initially he built up momentum with trance tunes like ‘Innerbloom’ before moving on to hip-hop songs like ‘Shabba’ by A$AP Ferg and even a remix of the absolute classic, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey which was one of the more popular tracks of the night. This variety of songs highlighted his versatility. The next hour was a blur as I traversed my way through a mosh of hyped up fans head-bobbing their way through a number of chart-topping classics off his discography including ‘OOGADAMN’ with Diablo and ‘GOH’ with Skrillex. The crowing moment of the night came when ‘WhatSoNot and his Friends’ came together and took the stage ‘One More time’ (which is coincidentally the name of the last song they played). What I can take from this experience is that every fan tonight had the bassline through their ears, and booze in their veins. Together, this concoction helped create a euphoric experience for everyone.

In a time where students of UNSW have not been able to catch a break in 2020 with bushfires, overhyped Thai food, ongoing trimesters, and COVID-19; WhatSoNot and his friends gave us a few hours to remember that music is a glue which holds society together, no matter what.

Keep your eyes peeled for Jesse's photos from the concert, coming out soon!

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