Where to Eat in UNSW

Cover Art by Jelena Xu

Photography by Parker Floris

Laksa Delight – Kevin

Laksa Delight is a hidden gem serving up warm and comforting bowls of the good stuff in Matthew’s Arcade on Upper Campus. Tucked in within the myriad offerings in that underground food court, Laksa Delight looks unassuming, but their noodle soups are delicious, as evidenced by the lines of students and staff that are always there.

The laksa they serve is of the classic curry variety, with a slightly spicy curry paste and coconut milk broth, that’s found all over the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Your bowl is served with yellow egg noodles and beehoon (rice vermicelli) which is designed to soak up the rich flavour of the soup. Toppings include tofu puffs and your choice of protein (I recommend going for the classic wonton and char siu combo). And feel free to say yes to extra chilli paste and dried garlic at no extra cost.

If you’re ever studying long hours in the library, don’t forget to take a break and head to Laksa Delight.

P.S. Make sure you bring a tissue

Yallah Eat - Steven

If you haven’t been to Yallah Eat already, you’re doing things wrong at uni. Yallah Eat does Middle-Eastern style fast food that ranges from kebabs, HSPs, salad bowls and Falafel Shawarmas (my personal favourite), although their most popular food items are definitely the lamb/chicken shawarmas.

Yallah Eat is legitimately great food on campus at a relatively inexpensive price. For 10 dollars, they deliver a huge amount of carbs and protein through generous dollop of hummus, lentil rice, salad, pita bread and your protein of choice. If for some reason you are truly starving and need even more sustenance, you can make it a meal with 3 extra dollars and grab some surprisingly good fries and drink.

You should definitely check out Yallah Eat down in lower campus near IGA!