BY Will Cook

5 PMs in 5 years, the rise of the minor party type-a personalities (two of which have appeared on Dancing with the Stars) and the ongoing issues with the Murray Darling Basin, live exports and the NEG (whatever that might be). Although US politics is messy, stand tall Australia because our own backyard is just as dysfunctional.

With dysfunction comes uncertainty. Although they may not be as loud as Mr. Bolt or as in depth as Hansard, we have assembled the 10 brain-drain free ways to stay in the loop with #auspol.

Antony Green on everything

I’m not saying that Antony Green is more reliable than the Australian Electoral Commission. But remember when the vote counters lost over 1,375 WA Senate votes at the last election? Anyway, when we have been waiting all night for an election to be called and just want to go to bed, we turn to Antony Green. The encyclopedia of electoral knowledge tweets, talks and writes pretty much everywhere.

7.30 with Leigh Sales.

You can almost see the sweat pouring off the pollies when they go live around the nation with Salesy. Unflappable and unnerving, Leigh Sales is fast becoming an icon of Australian screens. No matter the party, her take downs of the nations biggest pollies are infamous.

Is It On? Podcast

Irreverent, yet informative, BuzzFeed love to break things down so even the biggest news-novice feels somewhat in the loop. On Is It On? hosts Alice Workman and Mark Di Stefano trawl through the memes and messages of the political sitting week in a “politics for dummies” kind of way.

The Party Room Podcast

If Is It On? is for the political primary schooler, then The Party Room is the podcast world’s move to high school. Hosted by the queens of ABC Radio National, Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas, The Party Room is a weekly, spin free perspective on Australian politics meatier issues. If you are willing to deep dive into the confusing world of policy, then these ladies will walk you through it.

Samantha Maiden on Twitter

You know those mums who seem to spend their whole day on Facebook? Well, Samantha Maiden is the political world Twitter equivalent. Usually the first to re-tweet anything politics related (if she doesn’t have the scoop herself), Maiden is a great way to school yourself on the days latest happening.

Sam Dastyari on Twitter

A former Labor senator, Dastyari’s profile now reads “Just somebody that you used to know....” It’s an apt description for a pissed of dumped politician with a bee in his bonnet and a quick thumb on the keyboard. A captivating train wreck, but insightful nonetheless.

Annabel Crabb

She may come armed with cakes and muffins, but never underestimate the power of Annabel Crabb. Crabb’s intelligence oozes through her tweets and her whimsical show Kitchen Cabinet. Showing the lighter side to some of our most disliked Australians (politicians), with a sprinkle of political jargon.


Is there a better way to wake up on a Sunday then with the ABC and the legend that is Barrie Cassidy? No weekend brunch is complete without a combination of viral videos bursting with memeable photoshop, politics nerds and a front-bencher receiving a grilling from the much loved host.

The Monthly

The one stop shop for nuanced opinion and news. Whether its via hardback or online, The Monthly is on hand with an insightful breakdown of everything going on in Canberra. Exposés on everything from tourism Manus Island to Turnbull’s response to an incident involving a cricket ball and sandpaper.

Get Up

No matter what side of the political spectrum you sit on, if you want to know what is annoying “everyday Australians” then Get Up! is the place for you. The environment, workers’ rights and refugees, the left-wing lobby group aims to keep the bastards honest and stir the pot. Leftie or rightie, get in touch to get involved or be annoyed.

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