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Arc @ Canberra Committee aims to:

  • Create a vibrant student life for civilian students at the UNSW Canberra campus.
  • Increase awareness and enhance the accessibility of Arc @ UNSW member benefits and services for UNSW Canberra students.
  • Work with the Student Council (SC) to provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect students at UNSW and the wider student population.

The 2023 ARC Canberra Committee members



Menghu (Tiger) Xia

My name is Menghu Xia (Tiger), I am the current University of New South Wales ARC Canberra Club president. The main goal of this Club is to bring the events and activities back to our campus and enrich our students’ experience together with UNSW Canberra. I am a PhD Candidate majoring in Politics & International Relations with School of Humanities and Social Sciences. My PhD project title is “The Role of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in China’s Belt and Road Initiative”. I am very interested in the ASEAN-China relation, Australia-China relation, and more broadly Asia-Pacific politics. I believe candid communication would make both personal relations and international relations better. I love to communicate and exchange ideas with people with different backgrounds and cultures. In my spare time, I usually do a lot of sports such as basketball (before), workout, swimming, and table tennis. I speak English, Mandarin, and a bit of Indonesian. Please feel free to let us know how we could make this Club better.


Vice-President (PG)

Vice-President (PG)

Saina Akbari

My name is Saina Akbari, and I am delighted for being on the UNSW ARC committee. My study as a second-year PhD student in Computer Science focuses on optimising perishable food supply networks. Along with my academic interests, I am quite interested in sports, travel, and adventurous events. I enjoy the adrenaline and excitement that these hobbies provide, and I am always looking for opportunities to push my boundaries and support personal growth.

As a member of the ARC committee, I am committed to building community and ensuring that every student is welcomed and supported. I am excited to work with my fellow committee members to make our campus a fantastic place for students.

Vice-President (UG)

Vice-President (UG)

Sajjad Sharif

I'm a third-year Mechanical Engineering undergrad, and originally from Afghanistan. I'm an avid fan of F1 and soccer. My goal is to maximise fun activities for fellow undergrads. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, I'm always here to chat!



Saleen Bhattarai

I am currently a second-year PhD student in Aerospace Engineering. My research focuses on trying to implement rarefied gas flow algorithms in FPGAs. You will find me fiddling with a fancy-looking FPGA on my laptop and, often, hilariously failing at getting them to do even simple tasks (the joys of hardware). I am originally from Nepal, and I arrived in Australia in 2022. My first achievement in Australia is learning how to swim. I cook, listen to podcasts, and read sci-fi books in my free time. Occasionally, you might find me pretending to be a pilot in a Microsoft Flight Simulator online session, or sometimes crashing a horribly designed rocket in Kerbal Space Program.

Equity Diversity  and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Kurtis Chen

I am currently a First Year student studying for a Bachelor Of Computing and Cyber Security under the Defence Civilian Undergraduate Sponsorship program(DCUS). I have a fond interest in different cultures and always looking for ways to make ARC an inclusive committee for students from various diverse backgrounds. I enjoy eating, cooking as well as music. I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.



Raj Kaithwar

I am a second-year PhD student at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences working on bringing the 'non-humans' around us into our political discussions. Apart from research, I can be found playing badminton, cooking, and exploring Canberra with my friends. I do have a dying interest in photography as well. At Arc I, along with all the other executives, are trying to make your experience at UNSW Canberra fun and engaging. You can always reach out to me for any issue, especially if it concerns politics or Arc.

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