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Arc @ Canberra Committee aims to:

  • Create a vibrant student life for civilian students at the UNSW Canberra campus.
  • Increase awareness and enhance the accessibility of Arc @ UNSW member benefits and services for UNSW Canberra students.
  • Work with the Student Council (SC) to provide information, support, representation and advice on issues that affect students at UNSW and the wider student population.

The 2024 ARC Canberra Committee members



Isuri Fonseka

I am Isuri Fonseka, a second-year PhD student from School of Engineering-SET at UNSW Canberra. In my PhD, I focus on developing sustainable concrete product using Graphene Oxide and Fly Ash for superior mechanical and durability performance. I love engaging in extracurricular activities as it allows me to connect with my peers and find balance during the busy PhD life. As a dedicated student representative for SET, I've gained valuable experience. In my leisure time, I'm most passionate about drawing and painting. I also enjoy embarking on road trips and camping adventures to explore this beautiful world as much as I can.

As the Arc Canberra-2024 President, my primary goal is to strengthen student bonds and create an enriched academic and social environment. I'm committed to organizing diverse social events promoting inclusivity and ensuring campus life is vibrant and engaging. Together, we can make our university experience even more memorable!!

Vice-President (PG)

Vice-President (PG)

Wasura Wattearachchi

I'm Wasura Wattearachchi, a second-year doctoral student in the School of Systems and Computing (SYSCOM) at UNSW Canberra. Immersed in the captivating realm of my PhD, I'm crafting a framework for user interface design. My focus? Empowering remote operators to gracefully maneuver robotic swarms in dynamically changing environments, using the concepts of "Situation Awareness. When I'm not diving into the fascinating world of computer science, you can catch me grooving as the maestro behind the scenes at Arc Dance Club. Beyond the lab coat and the dance floor, I'm a movie enthusiast and immersing myself in music, especially during bus journeys.  

I'm enthusiastic about filling the Vice-President Postgraduate role in Arc Canberra for 2024, and ready to sprinkle some magic on student life. Advocating, collaborating, promoting diversity, and ensuring well-being – I'm here for it all! I'm keen to work with the committee to enhance the campus experience for all students

Vice-President (UG)

Vice-President (UG)

Kurtis Chen

Hello!! I am Kurtis, a second-year undergraduate student originally from Sydney studying for a Computing & Cyber Security degree. I enjoy eating, travelling as well as listening to music. I speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

As the Vice President (Undergraduate) of Arc Canberra, I am interested and motivated to make campus life more enjoyable for undergraduate students by organising events or activities to help connect our small but diverse campus.



Jiacheng Qiu (Chiu)

Hello, I'm Jiacheng Qiu (Chiu), a first-year Civil Engineering PhD student at UNSW Canberra. My research centers on reinforcing structures in pavement design, seeking innovative solutions for enhanced durability and resilience. Outside the academic realm, I find joy in automotive and computer DIY projects. Whether tinkering under the hood of a car or assembling computer components, these hobbies fuel my passion for hands-on problem-solving. 

Excited to serve as Treasurer at Arc Canberra, I'm dedicated to infusing financial expertise into student initiatives. Committed to transparency and fiscal responsibility, I aim to collaborate with the committee to promote diversity, well-being, and an enriched student experience. Let's work together to create a thriving campus environment that melds academic excellence with a vibrant social community.

Equity Diversity  and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer

Misbah Khan

I am Misbah Khan, currently in my 3rd year as a PhD candidate at the School of Systems and Computing. My research explores the Blockchain technologies, with a particular focus on their adaptability within IoT environments. Beyond academia, I have a profound love for the great outdoors, hiking, trekking, or embarking on road adventures. I find immense joy in connecting with nature and discovering new landscapes.

As the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer at ARC Canberra, I am dedicated to enriching your university experience, promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. I am always available to support you, eager to assist in any way I can to ensure your time here is fulfilling. Please don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to making your academic journey both memorable and impactful.



Dona Toyesha Padukkage

Hi! I am Toyesha, a first-year PhD student in International and Political Studies at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. My research focuses on evaluating how the earth system frameworks such as ‘planetary boundaries’ and ‘climate tipping points’, can be mapped to the current national climate policy frameworks to advance global climate governance. Aside from my research interests, I find joy in listening to music, going for long walks - especially in nature, travelling, and spending time with my friends and family.

As the Secretary of Arc Canberra Club, I am responsible for leading the administration of the club and making sure everything works behind the scenes. I am certainly excited to work with this year’s Arc Canberra committee to bring you a great university experience, and I look forward to engaging with you all and making memories together.

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