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Welcome to the Arc Club's Overnight Events Portal! This page has everything you need to run an amazing time away from home with your Club Members.


Arc Clubs Recommendations for 2024 Overnight Events

All Attendees Must:Clubs Must:
- Sign an Acknowledgment of Understanding
of the UNSW Student Code of Conduct
- Complete a Risk Assessment
- Sign a Terms, Conditions, Release & Waiver - If alcohol is provided, at least 1 valid RSA certified Facilitator per 50 attendees
- Complete an Online Gendered Violence Training- If alcohol is provided AND under 18 people are attending,
arrange for wristbands to be handed out to all OVER 18 attendees

Thinking of hosting a camp? Register your event with us to gain access to Training Grants HERE!

Want to double check you've got everything? Book in for a Club Overnight Event consult with the Arc Clubs Team HERE

For the purposes of this Portal and Resources, Arc considers an overnight event any event where accommodation is booked for Club members. This includes but is not limited to: Club Camps, Road Trips, Out of Sydney Competitions, Out of Sydney Trips etc. 

Below are a number of resources relevant to running overnight events and templates to make your life easier, and your event more fun!

Overnight Event Planning Templates & Examples

Overnight Events Checklist

Make sure you've got everything sorted to make your camp run smoothly!

Access Here!

Terms, Conditions, Release & Waiver Template

A template for setting out the conditions of entry and expectations for your event!

Access Here!

Overnight Event Runsheet Template

Make sure everyone's on the same page with our comprehensive runsheet template!

Access Here!

Consent, Alcohol & Safe Spaces

Many camps serve alcohol to campers and that is totally fine but there are some things you need to be aware of when you’re serving alcohol.

Access Here!

Access to Training

Gendered Violence Training

This training will raise your awareness about gendered violence, so we can ensure everyone feels welcome, respected, and safe in our Clubs and at our events.

Enroll Here!

First Aid Training Providers

Link to all accredited HLTAID003 (Provide First Aid) providers. Remember Arc will provide a grant of $80 for completing First Aid Training!

Register Here!

Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Providers

Link to all NSW approved RSA Providers. Remember Arc will provide a grant of $80 for completing RSA Training!

Find a Provider!

Mental Health First Aid Training

MHFA Training is often ~$300 with external providers but as a Club Exec you can complete this training for only $20!!

Register Here!

Relevant Contacts

Clubs Coordinator (Communication & Engagement)

Jamie Chambers



Clubs Manager

James Wilson

P:02 9065 0970


Further Resources: 

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