Gendered Violence Resources

"Gendered violence can encompass a variety of harmful behaviours, and isn't always necessarily easy to see or explain, which is part of the reason it can be so difficult to talk about. It can include, but isn't limited to sexual assault, harassment, stalking, gaslighting, coercion and domestic violence. Gendered violence is never okay, and is unacceptable both in the UNSW community and society in general. Research shows that people are more likely to minimise their experiences of gendered violence, and that gendered violence is underreported."

- UNSW Gendered Violence Team, 2024

If you want to talk to someone about an incident but aren't ready to file a report, you can! Caitlin is the Clubs Wellbeing and Training Coordinator with Arc and is responsible for handling complaints and club issues. You can book a time to meet with Caitlin here to confidentially discuss concerns and learn about your options.

Here is a compilation of resources and information to educate you and your club members about sexual misconduct and your options on dealing with it. 


Have a read through our student-generated resources designed to put you in the driver's seat when it comes to all things sex & consent. This resource is an educational platform, designed to give you a better understanding of behaviour that is considered assault and harassment. Read this so you know what acts you can report.


Click this link to see an extensive list of legal, mental health and university services to help you.

You can file a report through the UNSW Gendered Violence Portal, putting you in the hands of the UNSW Gendered Violence Response Team. 

"The UNSW Gendered Violence Response Team is a team of mental health experts who are trained to support victim/survivors of gendered violence, including a Specialist Gendered Violence Counsellor. The team can provide holistic, wraparound support that can include person-centred counselling, advocacy, case managment, and process information around making a report."

- Statement from UNSW Psychology and Wellness, 2024

Want to know how to respond to someone who has been impacted by gendered violence? This page provides response steps to help you handle the situation with trauma informed care, safety and sensitivity.



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