Extraordinary General Meetings

Everything you need to know about running an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).


An Extraordinary General Meeting is a General Meeting held to address matters outside of your standard AGM period. You’ll need to host an EGM to elect new Club Executives or make amendments to your constitution. 


Arc Clubs Extraordinary General Meeting Checklist

Everything you need to do to pass your EGM!

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EGM Notice Template

Make sure you give a minimum of 7 days notice!

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Affiliation Agreement Form

Officially sign in your New Executives

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EGM Minutes Template

Take notes of what happens during your EGM

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EGM Attendance Form

Take the details of your AGM attendees

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Example Proxy Form

An example proxy form for members to vote if they cannot make the EGM

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Executive Details Template

Take the key details of your new Exec team!

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Need Support?

Make sure you review the Clubs Handbook Section 9.2 Extraordinary General Meetings first before emailing clubs@arc.unsw.edu.au any questions.

You can also book in a 30-minute consult with Jamie or Dashie to get help planning your upcoming EGM:

Book in with Jamie (Clubs Coordinator Communication & Engagement)

Book in with Dashie (Clubs Coordinator Events & Engagement)

Common Mistakes With EGMs

Make sure you run a flawless EGM by avoiding these frequent missteps!

  1. New Executives MUST be elected not selected. You cannot interview candidates for the position before putting it to a vote. All members of the Club should have a fair chance a running for the role.
  2. Ensure that 7 days notice is provided to ALL members via email. Remember, not everyone uses social media or they could miss it in their feed. Email is the most reliable way to notify Club members of an EGM. This notice must also be sent to clubs@arc.unsw.edu.au to be valid.
  3. If you are making changes to your Constitution, run it by the Clubs Team first! We will review the changes and ensure that we will accept the amendments made and that they are in line with current Arc Clubs Policies.
  4. Make sure you have a plan to reach Quorum! Your EGM needs at least half your membership, or 15 people, whichever is less, in order for your meeting to be valid.
  5. Make sure that new Executives sign the Affiliation Agreement! This is the document that official signs them onto the Club Executive Team.

Further Resources

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