An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is a General Meeting held to address matters outside of your standard AGM period. 

All forms and files that you need to host a flawless EGM can be found on this page. This webpage doesn't include each and every step, only the ones that require file downloads or hyperlinks, so download the FULL CHECKLIST here and refer to this page for the relevant file downloads. 


  1. Read these sections of the Clubs Handbook:
  2. Read your Club’s constitution, checking for relevant requirements of EGMs, and, if relevant, elections and constitutional changes and detail any proposed constitutional changes
  3. Organise bookings for your IGM event


  1. Prepare and have attendees fill the attendance form
  2. Take meeting minutes


Have a SpArc Admin submit the following EGM documents on SpArc by going to EGM Form in the Club Exec Tools & Guides section on the home page:

  • EGM Attendance Sheet
  • EGM Minutes
  • For Executive Elections (if applicable):
    • Executive Details – name, position, student number, email, phone number
    • Signed Arc Clubs Affiliation Agreement (signed by all incoming Club Executives)
    • Names of Bank Signatories (FULL name as on Official IDs)
  • For Constitutional Amendments (if applicable):
    • Clubs Constitution (updated with any changes made at the EGM) 

If relevant, Outgoing Executive – handover roles to New Executives

  • Write handover documents for the individual role

All New Executives - Complete Club Executive Training

  • Complete Arc Club Executive Training
  • Complete Online Training at your own pace, within 2 weeks of training being made available
  • Attend training (max 1 hour), within 1 month of your EGM being approved (contact the Arc Clubs team to arrange a time).

Arc Clubs Office

P:02 9065 0930

H:10am to 5pm

A:Level 2 Basser Steps, Gate 5 on High St, UNSW