Yellow Shirts

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Make the O-Week magic happen!

Every year, approximately 190 enthusiastic volunteers known as Yellow Shirts spend one unforgettable week helping new students find their feet and have fun.

The mega-extravagant-amazing-wonderful event that is O-Week is a huge success because of the hard work, commitment and fun-loving spirit of the Yellow Shirts.

Joining Yellow Shirts provides you with lifelong friends, skills and hilarious memories. Yellow Shirts is a great opportunity to help others in a way that can make a lasting difference while meeting people from all over campus. 


Yellow Shirts is a volunteer program entirely dedicated to helping organise, create, and drive O-Week!

Become a beacon of knowledge and help lost students find their bearings – whether it’s finding a student faculty office, the closest bathroom, or even the best coffee on campus!

You'll spend the summer with 190 other incredible and passionate volunteers, developing important skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving. 

Keen on applying?

Applications for the Organising Team are now open!

Applications for O-Week 2024 Yellow Shirt volunteers will open again later in the year! Keep checking back to see when applications are announced.

There are also a number of exciting opportunities to volunteer in other Arc programs throughout the year, so keep an eye out for them.

Organising Team Applications

Learn More About the Yellow Shirts Program Through Other Student's Experiences!

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