Materials Exchange

Reduce waste and support sustainable artistic practice

Here at Arc, we strive for ethical and responsible practices. The Art & Design Materials Exchange is a community which allows us to share supplies and knowledge. Together, let's create environmentally and economically sustainable creative practices! 

The Materials Exchange is physical re-use facility in the Arc Art & Design lounge where students can donate reusable materials that can be used to create new work. 

Throughout the year the Materials Exchange program will also feature public programs and workshops about sustainability, and resources to help you maintain sustainable arts practice. 

How to Apply


To donate resources to Materials Exchange, please contact Arc at Give us a brief description of the item/s you’re donating, and what kind of condition they’re in. Include photos where necessary. Arc @ UNSW Art & Design reserves the right to refuse items which are not in useable condition, or which are not relevant to the program. Further resources for responsibly disposing of items can be found at the bottom of this page. 


Students taking part in the Materials Exchange program will take part in activities such as: 

  • Creating sustainable resources for the student community 

  • Sorting items donated to the Materials Exchange 

  • Invigilating and taking part in workshops and public programs organised by Arc

Volunteering with the Materials Exchange program is an AHEGS accredited activity. In order to have this recognised, you must be willing to complete 20 hours of volunteering (inclusive of an induction with Arc.) 

Further Resources

Sustainability can be as big as you want it to be! We’ve compiled a list of further sustainability resources for your art and everyday life. Is there something we’ve forgotten? Tip us off at