You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Self-care is taking care of your needs through voluntary activity to help holistically maintain your wellness.

Self-care is helpful if you're feeling stressed, having trouble organising your time or feeling overwhelmed balancing your commitments and responsibilities in life. It is personal - your approach will be different to others because we all have different needs, strengths, skills and likes.

During the emergency briefing before a plane takes off we're always instructed to put on our own oxygen masks and ensure we can breathe first before helping others around us. Self-care is like that oxygen mask. It may seem selfish, but if you don't have your oxygen mask on and are not the best version of yourself self, it is difficult to provide support to others.

"Self care isn't about indulgence. It's about self preservation." 
- Audrey Lorde

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