How To Adult | Upcycle

by Jessica Luu (Accounting Intern)

Upcycling vs. Recycling?

Recycling is converting waste materials, i.e. paper, metal, plastic and glass into new materials and objects which requires additional resources and energy.

Upcycling is essentially creative reuse. It involves transforming by-products, waste materials, and useless/unwanted products into new materials, which only requires creativity and your own energy.

Why should you upcycle?

According to Australia's National Waste Report 2016, Australia's waste generation increased from about 57 to 64 Mt over the period, at on an average of 1.2% per year between 2007 to 2015. We can attribute this to population growth and increasing consumerism of new products with its associated excessive supply of packaging. Rather than being reactive to waste management (it should not just stop nor start when you see animals in distress on your social newsfeed!), we need to be proactive and that's why we upcycle!

Key advantages:

  • Items retain a second purpose and are of the same quality (we can keep anything with sentimental value and suddenly hoarding is justified... sort of!)
  • Incorporates your own artistic aesthetic, allowing sustainable innovation
  • Save $$$ as you avoid running to the dollar shop or art supply store
  • You do your part by not contributing more waste to the environment i.e. reduction of CO2 emissions from waste going into landfill