Help reduce e-waste whilst closing the digital divide!

eReuse is a new Arc program that takes the unwanted computers of UNSW faculties, students and staff, refurbishes them and donates them to charitable organisations to distribute them to those in need!

How we're helping out

We have created a reuse system that reduces e-waste and helps close the digital divide in our communities. Whether you love tinkering with computers or are passionate about sustainability and reducing e-waste, you can give us a helping hand by joining us in refurbishing computers or by donating your old computers and computer accessories.

eReuse also welcomes external donations (especially laptops!), and love to receive emails from people and companies interested in reusing and recycling computers! Fill in our donation form for any donation requests and to arrange delivery. If you have further questions or queries, please get in touch by emailing us



Mission Australia Pathways Advisor at City East Community College

The eReuse laptop we received has been given to Sundus, a student at our centre. Sundus arrived from Australia last  year from Iraq on a humanitarian visa, with her husband and four children who are in primary and high school. She and her husband have been studying English at the centre with her also attending computer classes here. 

The manager, computer teacher and I felt it would be suitable to match Sundus with the laptop so that she can continue with her studies both now and into the future. I think when I gave them the laptop they were a little bit shocked but pretty pleased at the surprise moment of the day!

Pictured: Sundus and her husband at City East Community College with their eReuse laptop

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Get involved

eReuse will have opportunities to develop or further refine computer refurbishment skills through hands on experience, gain team work skills and build connections with like-minded students. Previous experience with computers or computer refurbishment is not necessary!  We will happily teach you everything you need to know. 

Volunteers are expected to be available from 5-8pm on Monday nights during session.


Intake/ Applications will open at the beginning of semester one

Time commitment/ Medium