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Reduce e-waste while closing the digital divide!

Turn 21st Century trash into refurbished donatable treasure with eReuse.

Recycling and refurbishing computers, eReuse helps to reduce e-waste in the environment. After salvaging your old tech, we then donate them to socio-economically disadvantaged groups in the community.


During the COVID-19 shutdown period, although our regular Monday workshop sessions are cancelled, we are welcoming all volunteers to contribute ideas and digital content to share via the Arc Facebook, Instagram and YouTube platforms. If you are keen to contribute ideas and content please email Jeeves -

Volunteering with eReuse is also recognised on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

Help the COVID-19 Effort

from the comfort of your own home!!

Run protein-folding simulations from your computer to help scientists tackle coronavirus!
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Meet your 2020 Coordinator

Immanuel Abosh

Hi! I'm an Information Systems student and I'm really excited to be coordinating eReuse this year. I'm passionate about environmental sustainability and looking forward to making a difference in the community! If you have any ideas about how to make eReuse better, please email me at


At this point in time we are currently unable to accept computer and laptop donations.
Please hold onto your computers and laptops till we're up and running again, or please make sure you dispose of them with another, trusted e-waste collector. 



Mission Australia Pathways Advisor at City East Community College

The eReuse laptop we received has been given to Sundus, a student at our centre. Sundus arrived from Australia last year from Iraq on a humanitarian visa, with her husband and four children. She and her husband have been studying English at the centre and she also attends computer classes here.

The manager, computer teacher and I felt it would be suitable to match Sundus with the laptop so she can continue with her studies. I think when I gave them the laptop they were a little bit shocked but pretty pleased at the surprise moment of the day!

Pictured: Sundus and her husband at City East Community College with their eReuse laptop

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