What's On O-Week

Want the behind-the-scenes scoop on everything O-Week

UNSW O-Week 2020 is full of fun and excitement that is sure to ensure that you start your story right with a full cinematic experience! From Big Fun, Social Events, Tours and more during the day, to our amazing Night Events during the evenings - there's a genre for everyone!

Want to try everything AND win amazing prizes? Grab your O-Week Backstage Pass from any Help Desk around Campus and collect al 3 stamps for your chance to win!

What's On Daily?

Free Food!

  • Pancakes: Lower Main Walkway 10am-11am Mon-Thurs
  • Popcorn: Quad 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs
  • Snow Cones: Lower Main Walkway 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs
  • Fairy Floss: Quad & Library 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs


All tours running from the Globe Lawn, check out the Tours page for more information!

  • Blockbuster Tours: 12pm-2pm Mon-Thurs
  • Rom-Com Tours: 2pm-3pm Mon-Thurs, 11am-12pm Mon
  • Parent & Undergraduate Rom-Com Tour: 10am-11am Mon
  • Postgraduate Rom-Com Tour: 5pm-6pm Tues
  • Trailer Tours: Running throughout the hour at 3pm & 4pm Mon-Thurs, 10am & 11am Tues-Thurs, 1pm Mon, Wed & Thurs


In addition to our tours, free food, and larger events, we also have a number of smaller activities happening daily!

  • Craft Corner (Badgmaking): Quad 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs
  • Craft Corner (Loom Knitting and Crocheting): Quad Stage 10am-11am Mon-Thurs
  • Craft Corner (Origami): Quad Stage 11am-12pm Mon-Tues
  • Giant Games: Quad 10am-4pm Mon-Thurs
  • Pole Dancing Workshop: Quad Stage 1:30pm-2:30pm Tues & Thurs, 11am-12pm We

O-Week Big Fun

Each day of O-Week will be coming with its own form of Big Fun for all incoming actors to test their mettle on! Running from 10am-4pm daily in the Quad. Remember to bring your Backstage Pass with you, as you can earn a stamp from participating!

Monday: Hollywood Stunt Jump

See if you have what it takes to make it as a stunt double in Hollywood with this action packed O-Week Big Fun event!

Tuesday: Giant Rainbow Fun Slide

Slide on into O-Week and make your mark with our giant rainbow fun slide! Race your way down to your starring role!

Wednesday: Bucking Bull

Wanna know if you can land a starring role it big in the action-packed Wild, Wild West genre? Try our Bucking Bull to see if you have what it takes!

Thursday: Wipeout Course

Wiped out after a long O-Week? Survive our Wipeout Course to see if you have the stamina to make it big in Hollywood!

Yellow Shirts Events

Whether you want to have fun, meet new people, make new friends, or just earn a stamp for your Backstage Pass, the Yellow Shirts have you covered at O-Week 2020! 

Our Yellow Shirts-run social events are your ticket to an amazing time at O-Week, with different events running, and awesome prizes up for grabs each day! Check out the events below to find out what interests you! Don't forget your Backstage Pass, as participating in any social event can earn you a stamp!


Throwback Party Games

Surprised its already 2020? Missing the days where all you had to worry about was lining up for the school canteen? Well, O-Week is here for you! We're hosting a giant throwback games event.

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Do you need a friend to grab some lunch with? How about someone to coordinate tutorials times with? OR... maybe even a friend for life ? For all these and everything in between, the SPEED FRIENDING event at O-Week is here for you!

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Looking to discover more of UNSW without being caught in the scorching heat? Come challenge yourself with some exciting rounds of Trivia! If you think you know your music and your movies, come claim your throne to be crowned the greatest of them all!

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Minute to Win it

59...58...what's that? 57...56...hold up, hold up! Got a sec? If you think you're nifty, then how about 60? Showcase your BIG BRAIN energy with our memory challenge or SHOOT YOUR SHOT with some ping pongs.

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You’ll need to unleash your inner beauty AND beast in this game of dodgeball with a twist...where both brains and brawn will be crucial in your quest for honour! FREE admission and a guaranteed fun! Still not convinced? You wouldn’t do it...

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"Nicholas, Cage them! Drew, Barry, more power!" If you're keen to play sports, make new friends and show off your UNSW-approved intelligence, then Volleywood is perfect for you! Have a BLOCKBUSTER of a time playing volleyball with a PLOT TWIST!

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Splashing Nemo Waterfight

Feeling TIDE from the heat? Well Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Because it’s time for all of you to make your way from 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to the quad lawn for our O-Week water fight.

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Arts & Crafts

The O-Week Arts & Crafts event is the best way to relax and get in touch with your creative side before you get into the swing of semester and all your classes! Picasso who? Supplies are provided, just bring yourself.

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Busted Bingo

With outdoor activities, party games and TITANIC prizes, this isn’t your average game of bingo. Get out of your LA LALAND and into Bingo and you’ll be taken to a WHOLE NEW WORLD.Who knows, it might even be the INCEPTION of some great friendships?!?!

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O-Week Talent Quest

CASTING CALL! CASTING CALL! UNSW O-Week talent scouts have been scouring the campus in search of the next big thing! Tell us your best joke, sing, dance or quite literally any other talent your have...WE WANT YOU!

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Speed Friending

Whether you are coming to O-Week alone or with friends, come through to the thrilling SPEED-FRIENDING event where you can meet other students and take on UNSW together. Save time by meeting lots of people, all at once, all looking for friendship!

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Amazing Race

Come down to Quad Lawn for an afternoon of riddles, games and fun with O-Weeks amazing race. You and your team will take on team challenges, solve clues and race your way to the end for some fun prizes!

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Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Make some new friends or foes and take part in O-Weeks one and only Trivia, where you can show off that street knowledge and show campus who the smartest scholar in the UNIVERSEity is.

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Bikini Bottom Waterfight

Are you ready first years? ᴀʏᴇ ᴀʏᴇ ᴄᴀᴘᴛᴀɪɴ! Whoooooooo is a first year and wants out of the heat? YOU DO! YOU DO! If you’re jelly fishing for a good time or just want an opportunity to cool yourself off, come along to our water fight!

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Dodgeball Round 2

Looking for a chance to HIT it off with other first years? What better way to do so than a game or two of social dodgeball with a twist! Our crossover themed event with Pokemon and Bubble Milk Tea will convince you, that you gotta DODGE em all!

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Short Boardgames

Join us for a jam-packed hour of some of the most fun boardgames you'll play! Prizes to be won... Relive some nostalgic memories and show off your artistic vision as you battle it out in Pictionary!

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Disney Bingo

What do you say to Simba when he’s moving too slow ? ....Mufasa! This won’t be any ordinary bingo game... With a surprising twist and plenty of MINI-games to spice up each round, DISNEY BINGO is sure on a whole-new-world-level of fun!

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Night Events

Who says the fun has to end in the day? Everyone knows that in Hollywood, when the sun goes down, the true fun begins! Luckily at O-Week 2020 each night has an event (or two) for each new star to make their debut at!

  • Movie Night: Alumni Lawn (Outdoor Cinema) Monday 7pm 
  • International Night Markets: Quad Monday 5pm
  • Comedy Night: Roundhouse Tuesday 7pm
  • Gig Night: Roundhouse Wednesday 7pm
  • Boardgames Night: Quad Wednesday 4:30pm
  • O-Week Masquerade Party: Roundhouse Thursday 7pm

Night Events

Monday: Movie Night

Watch the stars on the big screen and see if you have what it takes. Detective Pikachu coming your way!

Monday: International Night Markets

Enjoy a variety of cuisines from different cultures and enjoy the night life of UNSW! Bands will be performing along with an array of food stalls, will definitely make anyone's night!

Tuesday: Comedy Night

Youtube sensation Neel Kolhatkar will be headlining, accompanied by Aaron Chen, Ciaran Lyons, Jamal Abdul, Lizzy Hoo and our very own Jeeves Verma!

Wednesday: Gig Night - Vera Blue

Rising star Vera Blue coming down to UNSW Roundhouse after her recent collaboration with Flume and their track 'Rushing Back'

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Wednesday: Boardgames Night

Have some fun, meet some new people, and live your best life at O-Week 2020's Boardgames Night!

Thursday: Masquerade Party

To welcome you to UNSW we are throwing the ultimate MASQUERADE PARTY. With mystique, intrigue and more, beware of getting more that what you wished for as you lift the mask. There will be epic DJs, huge dancefloor and drink specials to boot. Bring your o

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