O-Week 2020

Mon 10th - Thurs 13th Feb

Start your story at O-Week 2020! 

O-Week 2020 is just around the corner, screening from Monday 10th February until Thursday 13th of February! Whether you're coming to UNSW ready to make your grand debut in a crazy, new, and exciting way, or instead looking to learn all the behind-the-scenes secrets that UNSW has to offer, we here at O-Week have a wide range of different scenes for you to explore as you start your story here at O-Week 2020!

What's on offer at O-Week 2020?

At O-Week 2020, we will send you down the beaten path to explore all of the movie magic and adventure that UNSW has to offer at O-Week 2020 as you start your story. O-Week will be jam packed full of activities and adventure that help you make the most of your new starring role as an incoming UNSW student and set you on the right way for the rest of your stay. Here are some of the amazing roles and scenes available to students:

  1. Joining Arc (fill out this form if you haven't already)
  2. Attending the Official Welcome & your Faculty Welcome
  3. Getting involved in Clubs 
  4. Grabbing freebies! 
  5. Meeting people at night events
  6. Going on a Yellow Shirts campus tour
  7. Checking out volunteering opportunities 
  8. Registering for Social Sport
  9. Asking lots of questions! 

Stay tuned for the full script coming soon to screens near you!



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O-Week is accessible for everyone, but if you have any specific accessibility requirements check out this page.

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O-Week Tours

Mon 10 Feb – Thu 13 Feb

Brought to you by the eternally effervescent Yellow Shirts, start your story at UNSW with a tour of our beautiful...

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Questions? Get in touch!

Arc Reception

P:(02) 9385 7700


H:9AM-6PM (during term), 9AM-5PM (other times)

A:Gate 5 on High St, UNSW


P:02 9385 7746