WonderPhil' Team 2019

We are a group of student volunteers dedicated to putting the FUN in fundraising! 

Weekly you'll see us around campus with the guessing jars, bubbles, cupcakes, raffles and other surprises. We spend our weekends at Bunnings doing barbecues and bake sales. We also run large-scale FUNdraiser events including UNSW's Got Talent and the 24 hr Fun-a-Thon! 

Phil' does good. Will you?






Our Fundraising for Term 3...Fun-A-Thon

Our Vollies have been working hard this last term fundraising for our Fun-A-Thon. On October 30th-31st our vollies helped run all our exciting challenges over 24- Hours helping us to not only reach our goal of $100,000, but to exceed it! It was a FANTASTIC end to an AMAZING YEAR. With just on-campus fundraising alone they raised $10, 540.3. This does not include all the bake sales, sausage sizzles, online donations and extra activities they did! Congratulations to Team Wonderphil'!!

Our Fundraising for Term 2...

Bunnings Bake Sale

Our WonderPhil' team baked many DELICIOUS goodies for our Bunnings Bake Sale! Together we raised over $600 :) Yum!

Bunnings Sausage Sizzles

We held 2 good ol' Bunnings sausage sizzles throughout the Term! Through those finger-licking sausages we raised: $ 1,300

WOAH! Thanks for everyone's support!

On-Campus Fundraising

WonderPhil' Volunteers have done a fabulous job in Term 1 with their on-campus fundraising. They sold lots of lucky dips, raffles, yummy goods and guessing jar games! Over $4000 was raised! Go team!!

UNSW'S Got Talent

On the 15th of July we held UNSW's Got Talent where UNSW's brightest stars showcased their talent for us! All the performances were incredible, so a big congratulations to all the performers, they gave us such a great fun night! From the night we raised over $600, so also a big thank you to all that came and purchased the yummy goods we had to offer :)

Dares for Donations

In July we held Dares for Donations where our amazing volunteers (both from Team WonderPhil' and members of the community) faced their fears! They raised money and did scary things such as get a cake to face, eat a bug and hold a snake!!!! They were courageous just like the children in hospital everyday, facing scary things all the time; needles, painful procedures, yucky tasting medicine, strange sounding machines, isolation rooms. The money raised when to the amazing team of Child Life and Music Therapy team at Sydney Children's hospital who work so hard to ease the pain of these processes for the children. Check out the photos of our brave volunteers!