The Student Cookbook

Eat to Live, Live to Eat

The Student Cookbook was a student-run publication of recipes written by and for students in order to maximize health, deliciousness, and budget eating. The last Student Cookbook was published in 2021, all new student recipes can be found by following Blitz, and Food Hub.

If you've got a fricking delicious recipe that'll enrich the hearts and bellies of the UNSW student community, talk to Blitz, or contact the Food Hub Community Coordinator (details below).

Check out all the former Student Cookbooks below:

Media Food Hub Community Coordinator

Christine Kanaris

2020 Student Cookbook

Your ingredient, your way

2017 Student Cookbook

The Best Thing I Ever Made

2016 Student Cookbook

May 25, 2016

Food From The Heart

View it now.

2015 Student Cookbook

June 1, 2015

Food for Faculty

View here.

2014 Student Cookbook

May 31, 2014

Simple recipes to impress

View here.

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