The Student Cookbook

The Student Cookbook

Put down that instant ramen and pick up the wok because The Student Cookbook is here to get you cooking at home cheaply, quickly and most of all — deliciously! In 2020 The Student Cookbook is all about cooking, baking and making in way that good for the environment, healthy for your body and light on your wallet! Put together by a passionate team of student photographers, designers, cooks and editors, The Student Cookbook will be bringing you recipes, video tutorials and cooking tips all year 'round.

What's for dinner tonight? Avoid the take-away trap by browsing through The Student Cookbook, your one-stop shop for delicious, budget-friendly and healthy recipes.

Scroll down to check out past issues, written recipes and click here to watch our video tutorials for Student Life Online.

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2020 Student Cookbook

Your ingredient, your way

2017 Student Cookbook

The Best Thing I Ever Made

2016 Student Cookbook

May 25, 2016

Food From The Heart

View it now.

2015 Student Cookbook

June 1, 2015

Food for Faculty

View here.

2014 Student Cookbook

May 31, 2014

Simple recipes to impress

View here.

The Student Cookbook Coordinator

Dayna Duncan

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