Week 8: Under the Weather

Welcome back to the Cookbook Blog with Justine, one of 2019's editors for the Student Cookbook! So, interseason change has got you again. Waiting for the 891 bus in the rain for the last few weeks can really take a toll. One day it’s so hot you regret wearing a sweater and the next, it’s so cold you regret not considering it when you woke up. And now, you’re sick. Whether it’s a cough, headache or even just the sniffles, part of the healing process is about eating good food.

With that in mind, forget about the milk tea and Macca’s and check out some of these hearty recipes that will boost your immune system and help you on the road to recovery. A little self-care goes a long way! 

Click on the basic recipes below from Justine to find out how you can be looking after yourself when you're under the weather!


Chicken Noodle Soup

Honey Tea

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