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What's the best thing you ever made?

This year, the student cookbook asked all of you what was "the best thing you ever made"...and you answered! After many testings and tastings, the cookbook team put together a little mosaic of all of the flavors that make up UNSW. Whether it's made in a microwave or on a stove, from sweet to savory we've got a whole new lot of recipes that are budget and time-friendly and easily amended to be vegan/vegetarian. If you'd like to a copy of this years cookbook, you can drop by Arc to pick one up! Check out some of the other things that we've been up to on the cookbook blog. 

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Meet your 2017 Student Cookbook Coordinator!

Hi! My name is Julia Dankberg and I am the Cookbook Coordinator this year. I'm a Southern gal from Dallas, TX and I love all things baking, eating and messing around in the kitchen. Do you cook to live or live to cook? To some, food is fuel, but to us, food is life. It has the ability to connect each and every one of us through our cultures and experiences, and can even make strangers fast friends. This year's theme is "The Best Thing I Ever Made", a play off of the US TV Show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", and it calls for YOU to share with US, all of your people at UNSW, your best dish, and with it, its funniest memory. What better of a way to bring us all together than just that? 

2017 Student Cookbook

The Best Thing I Ever Made

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