Who cares if you’re not great, but when you’re playing sports you might happen upon something that you’re really good at.  

Meet Phoebe!

"I’m actually from Adelaide, I moved to Sydney for university to study Civil Engineering (with a major in architecture) because UNSW has a really good engineering program and there are a lot more job opportunities in Sydney for work in Civil Engineering. I’m on a Women in Engineering scholarship which definitely helps, and even though I probably would’ve kept up with sport a bit more at home and been a little more comfortable, moving to Sydney has meant that I’ve had so many new experiences and met so many new people."

A leader in her field 

"I’ve lived on campus at UNSW Hall for two years, and this year I’m the Director of (Female) Sports at UNSW Hall and the Co-President of the Intercollege Sport Association (ICSA). I organise field booking with Arc Sport and delegate the point systems across the 11 colleges involved in the different tiers of competitions and gala days. It’s a lot of work, which is a bit stressful at times, but it’s really great to give people the opportunity to play sport and get people who’ve never played before involved. Everyone’s really busy which makes it hard to make time for sports, but for college students it’s also a really great way to meet new people."

A little bit of everything 

"I was always sporty growing up, always tried a bit of everything, including netball, dance and swimming. I’ve always liked the social aspect of team sports. In high school I started competing more regularly in water polo on a national level, training 6-7 times per week.  

I haven’t continued with waterpolo at UNSW, but I’ve loved trying out different things while I’ve been here. With She Can, I used it as an opportunity to try sports that were new to me – I played underwater rugby (which was hard!) and went to martial arts classes. She Can is a really good time to try something new – even though you’re playing with Club members who are really good, no one expects you to know what’s going on and everyone is very encouraging. 

As much as I’m competitive and like winning, the thing I enjoy most about sports is having a team and having fun. To anyone unsure about starting a sport, I’d say just give it a go. Who cares if you’re not great, but when you’re playing sports you might happen upon something that you’re really good at."

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