Master the way of the sword

Kendo is ‘The Way of the Sword’ (Ken: sword + Do: way), and can be best described as the art of Japanese Fencing. The origins of Kendo are most closely associated with the Feudal Japanese Samurai, and many protocols within the dojo still reflect this cultural tradition. Saying this, Kendo has now become a popular sport and martial art that is suitable for men and women of all ages to practice and compete together.

UNSW Kendo club prides itself on honour and fairness. Focusing on disciplining the human character through applying principles of the katana (Japanese sword).

What you can expect:

Our club provides an environment and opportunity for all people to practice Kendo.

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This is both a competitive and social club.



The club runs a beginner course at the start of every uni semester that runs once a week for 4 weeks. The cost is $50 - UNSW Students; $55 - UNSW Alumni/Staff/Other Students; $70 - Members of the Public.

The beginner course intends to provide the participants with the knowledge and hence the ability to keep up with our regular training.

To continue from the beginner course, memberships sign up would be needed


Training times and locations:

Location: UNSW Gym

  • MON | 7:30PM - 9:30PM
  • WED | 7:30PM - 9:30PM
  • FRI | 8PM - 9:30PM


Annual Club Membership and training:

  • UNSW Kendo club membership
  • Australian Kendo Renmei Membership (required for gradings and competitions)
  • Training sessions for the year

Currently Enrolled UNSW Students: $280

Other Students: $290

Annual Club Membership only (for monthly/casual training fee payments)

  • $100 is for membership for Australian Kendo Renmei
  • $30 is for our club membership

Everyone: $130

Casual fees per lesson: $5, per month: $25


Find out more info at the UNSW Kendo website.

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