Exam period is one of the most stressful parts of being a Uni student, but it doesn’t have to be so bad!

All of us feel it! The desperation and stress that kicks in as you rush to catch up on all your lectures, content and practice questions before exams start. Here are some tips to prepare yourself, destress yourself and put your best foot forward.

Pre-exam Tips  

The main way to prepare for your exam is a study schedule! It’s a way to stay organised and prepared so you always know what you’re doing. Here are some ways you could do this, but remember the way you choose to make your study schedule is up to your own preference. As long as it works for you, that’s great!

Weekly Study Plan 

At the start of every week, make a week-long timetable that incorporates your daily life activities (e.g. brushing teeth, eating, hanging with friends) and your academic activities (e.g. make lecture notes for DIIP1112, do one past paper every Wednesday at 5pm). 

10 Week subject Chart

Make a large table for every subject, which splits the 10 weeks of the term into columns so you can fill out your to-dos for every week. At the top of the chart, list your mark goal for this subject. And in each column, write what you need to do for it that week (e.g. finish lecture notes, finish tutorial questions, etc.) 

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Bullet Journal 

This method involves keeping some form of a journal which acts as a to-do-list for each day. You can develop a habit to write in it every day before going to bed so you always have a plan for the next day! 

For more exam info and the need to know stuff: check out the exams FAQs page

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Helpful Resources to Stay Focused


A gamified RPG approach to a habit tracker that encourages you to keep up your study habits.

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This app gets you to grow a tree in the time that you stay on the app! It promotes being present, letting you set a timer for the time you want to stay focused and off your phone.

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Pomodoro Technique

The pomodoro technique is a way of splitting up your study time into smaller, timed chunks to make it more doable.

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Simple ways to study more effectively

To stick to your study plan, you need to make sure you can stay focused. There is heaps you can do to make that brain work to the max!

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Exam-day tips 

Don’t join the exam discussion 

There is often exam discussion before and after an exam. These conversations can be quite useful and informative, but when you listen to what other people are studying or what they thought of certain questions, it can dishearten you and affect how you’re studying. 

If you usually feel stressed out by this, perhaps choose to ignore this exam talk and instead focus on your own efforts and trying your best.

Pack the day before 

Remember to pack at least these things: 

  • Student ID
  • Two pens 
  • One pencil 
  • Clear, unmarked water bottle
  • Opal card 
  • Wallet

Don’t go in on an empty stomach 

It’s hard to concentrate in an exam when you’re hungry! Remember to give yourself adequate food and water before you enter the exam (but not too much that you go into a food coma; that’s equally as bad!). There are a multitude of benefits to be had if you do so, including:  

  • Kickstarts your metabolism. 

  • Gives you more energy. 

  • Better concentration and memory. 

Read more about the benefits here

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